Aputure Spotlight Mount

Aputure has officially announced their Spotlight Mount. The Spotlight Mount is claimed to be the World’s first Bowens spotlight mount. We first saw the Spotlight Mount at NAB last month. The whole concept behind the Spotlight Mount is to allow users to achieve a greater degree of control by using the fixtures internal shutter blades … Continued

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Panasonic S1H Footage & first impressions

A week or so ago Panasonic announced the full specifications, pricing, and availability of their flagship full-frame mirrorless LUMIX S1H in Hollywood. We got to spend a short amount of time with a pre-production version of the camera. Now, I need to be absolutely clear here, this is not any type of in-depth review or … Continued

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Shooting Low-Light Environmental Portraits of a Ballerina with a Sony a7R IV Right out of the Box

Shooting Low-Light Environmental Portraits of a Ballerina with a Sony a7R IV Right out of the Box

New gear always excites any photographer like a kid gifted with a new toy. More often than not, we always just end up taking random photos of a cup of coffee or even the lens cap on a table to test out the new camera. So, I challenged a friend to kick it up a notch when we got to unbox the new Sony A7R IV.

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Comparing 17 Lighting Modifiers

Comparing 17 Lighting Modifiers

In this video, I look at the difference between 17 of the modifiers in my studio. With such a huge selection of modifiers out there, it is often hard to work out what you need. Hopefully, this video helps.

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Why the Collapsible On-Light Reflector Is the Best Light Modifier for Speedlights.

Why the Collapsible On-Light Reflector Is the Best Light Modifier for Speedlights.

When it comes to light modifiers, there are hundreds if not thousands of options: soft boxes, beauty dishes, grids, umbrellas, etc. After all is said and done, I truly think that I have finally found the perfect modifier.

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Sold! An Update on The Most Expensive Photobooks Sold at Auction

Sold! An Update on The Most Expensive Photobooks Sold at Auction

Based on feedback I received about my article investigating the most expensive photobooks ever sold, I reached out to the two largest auction houses in the World to provide a more authoritative list of photobooks sold at auction. What do you expect to see in this list?

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“It Was an Era of Reinvention After a Terrible Trauma”: Five Questions for Ebs Burnough about His TIFF-Premiering Doc, The Capote Tapes

Dramatic feature films like Bennett Miller’s Capote have dramatized the life of the late Southern author by focusing on the time surrounding the writing and release of his classic piece of non-fiction storytelling In Cold Blood — a work that’s had astounding influence on today’s true-crime landscape. Now, another chapter of Truman Capote’s life is analyzed and evoked in the documentary debut of Ebs Burnough, The Capote Tapes. Although it covers Capote’s whole life, the doc, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival yesterday, focuses heavily on Capote’s final years, which include the writing of his unfinished novel, Answered […]

A to Z of Photography: Weegee and Wet Plate Collodion

A to Z of Photography: Weegee and Wet Plate Collodion

The cult of celebrity is alive and kicking, now seemingly the domain of the “influencer”. However history is littered with photographers who attained celebrity status — step back 80 years and Weegee made the unusual step from press photographer to, well, influencer! This was long after the second of our two articles, which looks at the wet collodion plate process.

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Don’t Just Shoot, Do Something With Your Photos

Don't Just Shoot, Do Something With Your Photos

Digital photography has changed the way we take pictures. We care able to shoot, and shoot, and never run out of storage space. But at the other hand, it did not change the way we treat all those photos. So I wonder: what are you doing with all the photos you took over the last year?

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Back to One, Episode 73: Michaela Watkins

A Groundlings and Saturday Night Live alum who has evolved beyond her improvisational prowess, Michaela Watkins continues to surprise us. The Unicorn, Search Party, Transparent and Casual are some of her television highlights. And I loved her in movies like Afternoon Delight, Person to Person, and the important and inspirational Brittany Runs A Marathon. We talk about the vital role she plays in that film, and what, if anything, has changed in regards to meaty roles for woman. Plus she talks about being Jill Soloway’s muse, and the importance of embodying a whole person. Back To One can be found […]

Grammy-Winning Musician Helps Put Struggling LA Photo Lab Back on the Map, Posts Dreamy Portraits Taken by Owner

Grammy-Winning Musician Helps Put Struggling LA Photo Lab Back on the Map, Posts Dreamy Portraits Taken by Owner

A Grammy-winning country music star visiting LA has re-ignited interest in a struggling photo shop in Koreatown after stopping by to develop some film. She ended up doing a shoot with the owner against his custom-made backdrops, before plugging the shop to her hundreds of thousands of followers.

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IBC2019: NewTek expands the frontiers of software-defined visual storytelling

Expanding upon its position as the leader in software defined visual storytelling (#SDVS) and IP video production, NewTek will demonstrate the universal power of IP video at IBC2019, giving customers breakthrough capabilities and unprecedented options that seek to transform the way video is made.

“It is clearer than ever that IP is not only the standard for video production, it is the future of video,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, president of R&D for Vizrt Group, the new parent brand for NewTek. “Our mission is to empower video storytellers and expand their reach, making it fun and exciting to create shows and get your message out. Our newest products like Live Story Creator, TriCaster 410 Plus and NewTek Spark Plus 4K offer something extraordinarily powerful for any level user.”

NewTek is demonstrating these themes, new products and more at IBC2019, Hall 7 Booth #C12 at the RAI in Amsterdam from September 13-17:

Redefining the possibilities of production and automation

NewTek Premium Access software allows storytellers to optimize their total cost of ownership of NewTek production systems with the latest cutting-edge features. Leading the pack is Live Story Creator, a groundbreaking approach to program automation using Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Using the world’s two leading word processing programs, simply build a script in Google Docs or Microsoft Word with triggers for actions, and easily execute a show once loaded into TriCaster or VMC1. Premium Access also includes scalable NDI recording and replay with full synchronization for easy multi-camera production, digital media aspect ratios and frame rates for delivery to digital screens as well as LiveGraphics, NDI KVM, LivePanel, Advance Audio, Virtual PTZ, and more.

The most complete video production systems on the planet

The latest line-up of TriCaster systems equip digital media professionals with an entire suite of media production capabilities putting quality, consistency and efficiency at your fingertips. The newest addition is TriCaster 410 Plus, a rack mountable system with 8 external inputs, 4 M/Es, 4 mix outputs, real-time social media publishing, live streaming, multi-channel recording, video playback, integrated multiviewers, graphics, compositing, virtual sets, audio mixing along with NDI integration for video, audio and data transmission over IP. Powered by innovative software defined technology, these tools unleash your inner artist and turn every frame of video into an artistic masterpiece.

Video over IP Has Never Been Easier

Beautiful young elegant woman over isolated background Pointing to the back behind with hand and thumbs up, smiling confident

NewTek Spark converters capture video directly from connected cameras or devices for transport over the network as visually lossless. Newest to the line is Spark Plus, a high-bandwidth NDI device supporting resolutions up to 4K from HDMI-to-NDI, with virtually no latency. Spark Plus devices are the smallest, fastest and easiest way to acquire a 4K video source from anywhere on the network. Future proof legacy capture devices by augmenting your hardware investment with NewTek Spark converters to unlock the possibilities of IP-based software defined visual storytelling.

See my related Spark Plus article Is your HD camera “shy” in 1080p mode?, illustrated above.

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TIFF Wavelengths 2019, Program One: Double Iambs

It grows more difficult with each passing edition to assent to the standard line that the Wavelengths program is a small clearing for artistic purity amidst a shrill, militaristically corporate environment. This has nothing to do with Andréa Picard’s curation—as deft and illuminating this year as any in the decade I’ve attended the Toronto International Film Festival—and everything to do with ongoing shifts in the social and institutional situations of artists interested in making work whose form is other than that of the commercial narrative feature. Shifts within the institutional priorities of the festival itself have required that Picard take […]

TIFF 2019, Day 4: Dolemite Is My Name

Eddie Murphy was all of 21 when he started shooting 48 Hrs. There were no years of supporting player quips to work himself up the ladder—instead, he landed the lead in an excellent, commercially successful movie first time out. He wasn’t the kind of comic who needed a movie to be built around his limitations, but an instantly seasoned player with serious dramatic chops. There’s a moment in Coming to America where the subway doors slam shut on him registering surprise and disappointment, and Murphy nails the look without overplaying—I think at that point in his career he was capable of […]