The 10 Most Surprisingly Good Movies of 2019 (So Far)

We are only halfway through 2019 and already the year has given audiences some great films in all genres. At this halfway point, many critics and publications are choosing their best and worst films of the year so far and these lists include some choices that are not at all surprising – films that have big names and studios attached to them or are the latest instalments in massive franchises.

But what about those films that take us by surprise? Whether they are documentaries, directorial debuts or films featuring lesser known actors, there are some films that aren’t as certain to appeal to audiences. So, with that being said, when these films turn out to be appealing and popular, it is all the more surprising.


1. Booksmart

Amy and Molly have worked hard throughout high school to make sure that they have an academic advantage over their peers. But on the eve of graduation they suddenly learn that they don’t have the leg up on their peers that they presumed and actually they may have missed out on all the crazy and carefree moments of their teenage years. Determined to make up for lost time, they head out to cram four years of fun into one momentous night.

Actress Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut was met with critical acclaim upon its release and marked Wilde as an upcoming director to watch. Featuring a great cast of characters that are both over the top but also incredibly relatable, Booksmart is a coming of age film that has lots of commonly used elements of the genre but somehow also manages to feel unique and original. It’s like Superbad was given an intelligent and feminist twist and it just works on every level.

A brilliant soundtrack and a cast of great up and coming actors adds to Booksmart’s appeal and leads Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein are superb, inhabiting their roles flawlessly. Booksmart is one of the most fun watches of the year so far.


2. Fighting With My Family

Paige and her brother Jack come from a wrestling mad family and have grown up fighting together. When they get their dream chance to try out for the WWE, they are ecstatic. But things become tense when only Paige earns a place in the competitive training programme and Zac is left behind. Now alone in this cutthroat world, Paige must decide if she has got what it takes to succeed and become a star.

Any film with Dwayne Johnson attached to it and you can bet that it will be a film that audiences will go and see and enjoy, though it doesn’t necessarily mean that the film will be a critical hit. But in the case of Fighting With My Family, the film proved to be both enjoyable and a critical success.

Filled with heart, inspiring and an easy watch, Fighting With My Family is a crowd-pleasing film that all ages can enjoy. The film taps in to so many appealing to audience elements – the underdog story, the importance of family and the challenges and obstacles that we face in trying to achieve our dreams.

Boasting a great British cast with names such as Lena Headey, Nick Frost, Jack Lowden, Stephen Merchant and newcomer Florence Pugh, Fighting With My Family has captured the hearts of audiences and looks sure to be one of the surprise hits of the year.


3. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Based on the true story of William Kamkwamba, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind follows a thirteen-year-old boy who is devastated when he is thrown out the school he loves attending after his family can no longer afford to send him there. Sneaking into the library, he learns how to build a windmill to help his village and save them from famine.

Even without its impressive real-life roots, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is a highly inspirational story. And as well as being a real life, inspirational story, it is so many other things as well – a story about survival, a story about family and a story about a father and son relationship. It also throws in the importance of eco technology and education. Overall, it speaks to so many subjects and as such has mass appeal. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is a film you can watch regardless of age or circumstance.

Considering this is actor Chiwetel Ejiofor’s directorial debut, it is a very accomplished film. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind may not be incredibly unique in its storytelling and act structure, what elevates it above similar films is its attention to detail. Because the film was filmed on location, everything about it feels authentic and helps the tone of the film feel believable and the audience to feel almost as if they too are experiencing life in William’s village.


4. Knock Down the House

Knock Down the House

Knock Down the House follows four women who decide to fight back against the political system. Without any experience or money to find their campaigns, they build a movement in an attempt to challenge longstanding powerful incumbents in Congress, which leads to one of the most shocking political upsets in recent American history.

Knock Down the House currently holds the accolade of being the best film of the year so far, according to Rotten Tomatoes on which it holds a 100% rating. It is somewhat surprising that a political documentary has become one of the best films of the year, as politics is a notoriously divisive subject, for every person who finds it fascinating you seem to find two that have never even voted and declare that politics is “boring.”

Fortunately, there is nothing boring about Knock Down the House. For those who already know the outcome then it is really interesting to watch where it all started and the passion behind the campaigns. And for those not familiar with the outcome then it is compelling to see the momentum of the campaign build and wait for the results to come in.

At around ninety minutes, Knock Down the House is a well-paced film that never has time to stagnate and is an inspiring film that has mass appeal.


5. I Am Mother

I Am Mother

Raised by Mother, a robot designed to repopulate the Earth after an extinction event, Daughter lives in an enclosed facility and has never seen another human being. With only each other for company, the pair have formed a unique bond. This bond is threatened when an injured outsider arrives and throws everything that Daughter had ever believed to be true into question.

Considering its lower budget when compared directly to its peers in the genre, I Am Mother boasts amazingly effective production design, giving audiences a slick looking set and a highly convincing sci-fi setting. Taking place in a limited number of locations allows the audience to feel utterly ensconced within this settlement with Daughter and when the tension starts to increase, this feeling is intensified because of the setting.

With limited characters, it was vital that I Am Mother was well cast and thankfully it was, with newcomer Clara Rugaard more than holding her own against Academy Award winner Hilary Swank. Together, with Rose Byrne as the robot, they are engaging enough so that the limited number of characters never matters at all. Overall, I Am Mother is certainly one of the more successful Netflix original films, not only of this year but of all time.

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Photographer Jack Dykinga Celebrates 100 Years of Grand Canyon National Park

Photographer Jack Dykinga Celebrates 100 Years of Grand Canyon National Park

2019 marks the 100th anniversary of The Grand Canyon’s designation as a National Park, but for Arizona resident and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, Jack Dykinga, that’s not the only milestone to celebrate this year. For Dykinga, this summer also marks the 5th anniversary of his life-saving double lung transplant. Both occasions are being celebrated in the summer-long exhibition Jack Dykinga: The Grand Canyon National Park (1919-2019) at Tucson, Arizona’s Etherton Gallery.

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Silent Sony a9 a ‘Great Advantage’ for Photographer at Democratic Debate

There are pros and cons to both DSLR and mirrorless cameras, but one advantage of mirrorless is making headlines after the Democratic debates this week. The completely silent shooting of the Sony a9 turned out to be a “great advantage” for one photographer.

The Washington Post reports that at NBC’s Democratic debate on Wednesday night, the pool of mainstream media outlet photographers requested permission to shoot the candidates from the side of the debate stage. But when the first group started shooting, the rapid-fire shutter noise of the DSLRs was picked up in the broadcast audio by an NBC producer.

Photographers were then immediately instructed to only shoot during moments of audience applause in order to mask the camera sounds.

But New York Times photographer Doug Mills wasn’t among those who had brought along a Canon or Nikon DSLR, which are still the dominant tools of choice among photojournalists. Mills was shooting with the Sony a9 mirrorless camera, which can shoot at 20 frames per second completely silently thanks to its electronic shutter.

“When I got [to the stage in the second group], the woman who was from NBC said, ‘Hey, you can’t shoot,’” Mills tells the Post. “I explained to her my camera was mirrorless and she was like, ‘Why doesn’t everybody have one of these?’ So then I just kept shooting. I had a great advantage.”

Here’s a video in which loud shutter sounds can be heard during Trump’s meeting with Obama after the former was elected in 2016:

DSLR photographers can use sound blimps to muffle their shutter sounds, but it seems most photographers didn’t bring one to the debates.

“Clackety camera mirrors commonly corrupt audio feeds, and incidents such as the one on Wednesday night should accelerate their extinction,” the Post writes.

(via Washington Post via sonyalpharumors)

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A Pulitzer-Winning Photojournalist on Capturing Tragedy and Humanity

PBS NewsHour just aired this 3-minute Brief but Spectacular episode in which Los Angeles Times staff photographer Marcus Yam talks about the challenge of documenting tragedy and humanity up close.

Yam has won two Pulitzer Prizes already in his career: one as part of the Los Angeles Times‘ staff in covering the San Bernardino, California, terrorist attacks in 2015 and one as part of the Seattle Times staff in covering the landslide in Oso, Washington, in 2014.

In recent years, Yam has been turning his attention to documenting the devastating wildfires that have been breaking out across California, in the process becoming close friends with the other photographers shooting on the front lines of the flames.

In the video above, Yam shares about the challenges of covering wildfires safely and sensitively.

“The common idea that people have is that the news media is just running around taking pictures, reporting from wildfires without any sensitivity,” Yam says. “But, in reality, we’re just trying to do our jobs, trying to get as much information about the conditions of the fire, how far it spread and all that stuff.”

Yam shares of one experience had with a homeowner through covering the Erskine Fire at Lake Isabella in 2016.

“I was at the Erskine Fire in Lake Isabella, and I came across this one home that was getting surrounded by fire. And it had this tattered American flag,” Yam says. “I jumped out of the vehicle and took a photo of that, and I moved on. And I didn’t think much of it.

“The homeowner for that home was actually nearby, saw me do that, and thought less of me. He actually ended up following our coverage for the rest of the fire, looked up the work that we did, and wrote me this beautiful letter.”

Here’s what the letter, which was accompanied by a large package, said:

Dear Marcus Yam,

I stood a few feet from you when you took this picture of my home. I thought to myself, another vulture sensationalizing on people’s misery. After seeing this photograph and looking at your portfolio, I was wrong. You portray human emotion without all the makeup and glamour. You have my respect. My home withstood the test that night, and Old Glory still waves. Today, I replaced that tattered flag with a new and shiny one. I would like you to take care of that old flag for me.

Sincerely, Darl Snyder.

View this post on Instagram

2017 was an eventful year. But one memory stood out: when Darl Synder, a reader, sent me an American Flag in the mail. I was on assignment overseas when I got an email from my equipment manager asking me if I bought a television and had it sent to the office. I chuckled at the idea and thought it was a practical joke being played on me. I don’t usually get correspondence from readers. As a photographer, we’re accustomed to being invisible, in-and-out of people lives, witnessing moments and observing conflict. And if I do, it’s usually “Great photos!” or “how did you get that picture?” While sitting in an abandoned building, I read the transcript of Darl’s letter and teared up. It reminded me of the special privilege we have as photojournalists. And when I returned to Los Angeles, I found the package waiting for me and decided to put it on display outside our photo department for visitors and the rest of the newsroom to share. But I had never met Darl Synder. So on the anniversary of the destructive and deadly Erskine fire I decided to return to Lake Isabella to pay him a visit. And when we finally met, we talked, talked and talked – about what happened during and after the fire, about the kindness of strangers and how he managed to send the flag by mail. He was thankful for all the information and reports we published during the Erskine Fire. I remember blushing when he proudly showed me where he hung the picture that I took, framed above his television in the living room. As I was departing, we stood outside his gate – adorned with a new flag and we decided that we needed a picture together. After I left, another brushfire broke out near Lake Isabella and I was hurling my way towards it.

A post shared by Marcus Yam (@yamphoto) on

You can find more of Yam’s work on his website, Twitter, and Instagram.

DPReview TV: Jordan buys a phone

It’s time for Jordan to buy a new phone, so he compares the cameras on the iPhone X, iPhone XR, and the Google Pixel 3a with the help of fellow photographer and filmmaker Tyler Stalman. Is the Google phone good enough to draw Jordan out of Apple’s walled garden? Tune in to find out.

For more great content visit Tyler Stalman’s YouTube channel, where you can watch his videos about photography, cinematography and tech, or watch his podcast.

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Synology launches DS419Slim miniature NAS

Synology has introduced a new network-attached storage device that is designed to take up less space than usual NAS units and which is suitable for photographers away from home. The DS419Slim is a four-bay case that accepts 2.5in drives and which has a maximum capacity of 20TB.

The enclosure measures only 120x105x142mm and weighs 660g empty, so is very portable. It is also very power efficient, drawing only 20 watts when in use and 7 watts in standby. This helps it run cool, and a single fan built-in to the base is claimed to be enough to regulate its temperature.

Compatible with 2.5in HDD and SSD media the DS419Slim has dual Gibabit LAN ports for link aggregation when you need to shift large amounts of data quickly – at up to 220MB/s read speed and 94MB/s for writing. USB-3 ports are located one and the front and one at the back for connecting additional devices, and the NAS can run on Mac, PC and Linux operating systems. The CPU used is the Marvell Armada 385 dual core 1.33GHz and 512MB of DDR3L RAM is installed.

The usual implementation of Synology’s DiskStation Manager runs the device and offers over a hundred specialist apps to help with specific tasks, such as scheduled back-up, photo/video sharing, webhosting and remote access via smartphones and tablets for all files. The DS419Slim is designed for less heavy-use environments as a personal cloud, as a back-up device in a home office, simply as a small storage unit on the desktop or to be taken on location with traveling photographers and videographers.

As there are four bays the hot-swappable drives can be configured in Basic, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6 and RAID 10, as well as Synology’s own Hybrid RAID.
The Synology DS419Slim is available now, comes with a 2-year warranty and retails for $329.99 / £320. For more information see the Synology website.

Press release:

Synology® DS419Slim Brings Big Data Management in a Small Package

Mini in Size, Versatile in Features

Synology® Inc. launched DiskStation DS419slim, a highly versatile, 4-bay NAS which is a great data solution for the dorm room, home office, or a traveling professional.

“Nowadays, many people are still struggling with managing files scattered across public clouds, USB drives, or personal computers. As a clever and reliable personal cloud, DS419slim helps keep your precious photos, videos, and documents in order, bringing everything under control with its powerful file management capabilities,” said Katarina Shao, Product Manager at Synology Inc. “Not only can you easily access, share, and synchronize all your files across multiple platforms, but you can also own a multimedia library where you can stream digital content on your mobile devices on the go.”

Key Features Include:

  • Large Capacity, Small Footprint: A discrete NAS, less than 15cm cubed, that weighs 700 grams, with a maximum storage size of 20TB
  • Excellent Performance and Backup: Dual 1GbE LAN ports allow for failover and Link Aggregation. Secure your data by configuring your NAS with a RAID setup to realize redundancy
  • Black Box, Green Energy: DS419slim consumes only 20 watts during data access and 7 watts during HDD hibernation, giving you an energy-efficient device to serve as a 24/7 personal storage server

Your Personal Multimedia Library

DS419slim helps you easily manage your multimedia content and share it across Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. You can organize your personal digital video library, listen to Internet radio, and lossless audio via DLNA and AirPlay® devices. Synology Moments promises users a modern browsing experience by offering mobile photo backup, photo sharing, image recognition and similar photo detection.

Data Storage on Your Terms with DiskStation Manager

DiskStation Manager (DSM) is an intuitive web-based operating system for every Synology NAS, designed to help you manage your digital assets across home and office. Easily access your files from computers and mobile devices, or sync your files between multiple users, servers and public clouds. You can also stream your personal media collection to various devices to provide you with a non-stop entertainment experience.


This release is available worldwide immediately

SIGGRAPH 2019: four world-premieres at Immersive Pavilion and VR Theater

VR Theater

Chosen by an expert jury from more than 290 submissions, this year’s 33 Immersive Pavilion selections and 15 VR Theater selections at SIGGRAPH show how fast technology is moving the art of storytelling.

SIGGRAPH 2019, the 46th international conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive techniques, is the place to go if you want to understand how the industry is changing. From July 28 until  August 1, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, it is possible to listen to the global innovators who are changing what’s possible in computer graphics, animation, VR, Gaming, and Emerging Technologies, and understand how all those changes affect filmmaking and storytelling. Among the multiple activities available during the event, two areas offer a unique perspective into some of the most advanced technologies being used to tell stories: the Immersive Pavilion and the VR Theater.

The Immersive Pavilion gives visitors a chance to see how immersive technologies are changing the ways we create, play, learn, communicate, and interact. There, visitors can experience first-hand the latest and greatest advances. The Computer Animation Festival’s VR Theater is a marquee destination in the conference’s Experience Hall that showcases state-of-the-art virtual reality storytelling. Because, in the end, it is always about telling stories, building narratives and sharing them with audiences.

Heterotopias, an interactive VR experience

Four world-premiere experiences

Established in 2017, the VR Theater has quickly become the talk of the conference and a hot ticket to get. As the art of VR evolves, it becomes more interactive, more social, and more accessible. This year, the VR Theater will showcase works of art that are experimenting with new ideas, including how the audience may participate in the story.

The SIGGRAPH 2019 Immersive Pavilion and VR Theater offer the conference’s largest selection of immersive programming to date, including four world-premiere experiences: “Undersea” from Magic Leap (Immersive Pavilion), “a kite’s tale” from Walt Disney Animation Studios (VR Theater), “Mary and the Monster: Chapter One” from Parallux and New York University’s Future Reality Lab (Immersive Pavilion), and “Il Divino: Michelangelo’s Sistine Ceiling in VR” from Epic Games.

VR Theater

More than 290 submissions

“With this latest edition, the Immersive Pavilion cements its status as the perfect place to experience, play, and learn about technological advances across the constantly evolving mediums of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality,” shared SIGGRAPH 2019 Immersive Pavilion Chair Victoria Rege. “In addition to fun, quirky projects aimed to entertain, the content our creators will share is often thought-provoking and informative. These platforms are well-positioned as a tool to teach us more about the human experience, and I am so excited to share that with attendees.”

Chosen by an expert jury from more than 290 submissions, this year’s 33 Immersive Pavilion selections and 15 VR Theater selections are ready to wow participants this summer. A true mark of how technology thrives, immersive content at SIGGRAPH bridges technology from past conferences in a way that showcases how dreams really do become reality over time, a true mark of how technology continues to thrive.

Notes SIGGRAPH 2019 VR Theater Director Maxwell Planck, “If what we’ve seen this year is where we’re at now, I can only imagine where we’ll be in 20 years. As we launch the third annual VR Theater at SIGGRAPH, it’s important to note not only impressive growth in the quantity of submissions, but in the quality as well. I look forward to celebrating the future of a medium that, much like the early days of the Electronic Theater, will only get bigger and better.”

VR Theater

Immersive Pavilion and VR Theater

Immersive content at SIGGRAPH 2019 is available in five distinct venues across two programs. In the Immersive Pavilion, work can be experienced across three physical spaces—the Arcade, Museum, or Village—while the VR Theater offers both five-film, 1-hour screenings daily and individual viewing kiosks. Highlights for each area include:


Project Jua [Arcade]

  • Contributors: Brian First, Raymond Ononiwu, Ayuba Audu, and Dunni Abiodun, Microsoft; and, Max Sacker and Ioulia Isserlis, Another World
  • Project Jua is an interactive VR experience that raises awareness of the impact of not having easy access to electricity, taking the player to a rural farm in Kenya to experience firsthand the challenges of living off the grid to discover an African solar power solution that is improving lives.

Heterotopias [Museum]

  • Contributors: Szilvia Ruszev and Noa Kaplan, University of Southern California
  • Heterotopias is an interactive VR experience based on Michel Foucault’s lecture, Des espaces autres. It leverages eye-tracking technology, transforming blinks into cinematic cuts. Suspended in a hanging chair, the user progresses through a series of virtual spaces resembling an abbreviated life cycle — a well, a garden, and a mausoleum.

Being Henry [Village]

  • Contributor: Sarah Berkovich, independent
  • After experiencing a stroke that left him paralyzed, Henry Evans uses cutting-edge technology to keep him connected to the things he loves. In this first-person interactive documentary, see the world through Henry’s eyes — and the eyes of his robots.



Doctor Who: The Runaway [Screenings]

  • Creator: Mathias Chelebourg, BBC VR Hub, BBC Doctor Who, Passion Animation Studios
  • Step inside the TARDIS with the Doctor in this beautiful, interactive story from the “Doctor Who” team. Armed with a sonic screwdriver, it is down to you to help the Doctor as she faces the forces of evil, and teenage angst, in this animated, 13-minute VR adventure from the team behind “Doctor Who” Series 11.

MindPalace [Kiosks]

  • Creators: Carl Krause and Dominik Stockhausen, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
  • In a last desperate attempt to communicate, a man decides to lock his boyfriend inside his mind. A raging stream of consciousness unfolds, shedding light on a flawed relationship.

MindPalace is an animated 6DoF VR Experience that explores the emotional landscape of a breakup. It is an experiment of how to create different perspectives within VR and an example of how frail our interpersonal communication can be at times. It ventures into the minds and broken souls two lovers. All their truths lying bare for us to see. Uninhibited and uncontrollable.

MindPalace celebrated it’s world premiere 2018 at the Venice Film Festival as part of the Official Selection. It was nominated by ASIFA Hollywood for an ANNY Award for Best Virtual Reality Production. The project was produced as part of the subject area Animation at the Animationsinstitut of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

Project Jua

Final notes on SIGGRAPH 2019

The Immersive Pavilion and VR Theater Kiosks are open to conference participants with an Experiences badge and above. VR Theater Screenings are open to those with Full Conference and Full Conference Platinum registration only. Visit SIGGRAPH 2019 website for more information about VR Theater ticketing.

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