Get Hands-On Filmmaking Experience with Pro Gear at Adorama Inspire

Spend 3 days getting hands-on experience with some of the best pro gear and most talented creatives at Adorama Inspire.

Adorama Inspire, a photography conference in New York City, is back to give you a unique opportunity to learn more about visual storytelling from world-class industry professionals.

Over a course of 3 days, you can attend over 30 sessions, workshops, and panels that teach everything from how to light a face to creative and purposeful lens choice, as well as creating foley and making an indie film from start to finish.

If you’re one who learns more by doing, you’ll also be able to get hands-on instruction on how to use a wide variety of professional camera gear, shoot a performance of aerial acrobats, and take video walks around Manhattan with accomplished artists, like wedding photographer/videographer Andy To, photographer Erik Valind, and DP Mic-Anthony Hay.

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How Growing Up in a Cult Helped Tell The Story of a Real “American Psycho”

‘Charlie Says’ stars Hannah Murray as a woman who comes under the influence of Charles Manson.

The new Charles Manson movie isn’t really about Charles Manson. Charlie Says is concerned, rather, with the women who came under Manson’s spell—the women who would ultimately participate in what came to be known as the event that killed the ’60s.

What drove these pretty young women to murder Sharon Tate and six other people in the Los Angeles hills on that horrific night in 1969?

It’s a question that no one knows the answer to, save for one graduate student, Karlene Faith, who tried to help the women from the confines of their prison cells. What she found when she dug deep into the convicted murderers’ psyches was a disturbing network of groupthink and undying adulation for Manson. That, and remnants of decayed individual identities.

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The ErgoRig Handheld Support System Shows off Prototype Underslung Mode

The ErgoRig is impressing camera operators from all spectrums of the industry.

First discovered at NAB this year, the ErgoRig takes 100% of a camera’s weight off of your shoulder while still facilitating a handheld aesthetic. Now at Cinegear 2019, founder Jesse Feldman updates us with the industry response to the system as well as shows off a prototype for an underslung attachment for the system. The goal of the ErgoRig is to extend the health and career of camera operators everywhere.

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Cine Gear: Zero Optik’s Rainbow Super Baltar Lens

On day 2 of Cine Gear Zero Optik showed off a new lens at their booth. It was not difficult to find vintage glass or the interesting lens flare which attracted us to Zero Optik. It was the rainbow dyed metal housing for a rehoused vintage Super Baltar. Why rainbow? Because June is LBTGQ pride month. Zero Optik decided to make a statement, in their own way, as an inclusive small company for all of the Cine Gear attendees to see. I know this is a one-off lens design by Zero Optik, but to have a lens in any color, or even rainbow, does look darn cool.

Zero Optik is a Los Angeles-based design and engineering firm that specializes in modifying and customizing lenses for cinematography. Every one of our products is designed, manufactured, and assembled locally, using aerospace-grade materials and processes.

Zero Optik takes pride in their ability to meet a cinematographer’s artistic requirements with precise mechanical engineering and deliberate aesthetic choices. Zero Optik and those who work with them have decades of combined experience working within the camera department on feature films, network television, and national commercial spots, allowing them to tailor lenses to the specific practical needs of camera assistants and cinematographers all over the world. Zero Optik does not simply rehouse lenses; they design tools to allow filmmakers to push the creative boundaries of their craft.

Zero Optik

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OWC Envoy Pro EX- first 2TB Thunderbolt 3 SSD under $500

The OWC Envoy Pro EX is the first 2TB Thunderbolt 3 SSD that is under $500 USD. These drives were announced back in January, but the price for the 2TB version has now fallen by $234 USD. The OWC Envoy Pro EX portable SSD with Thunderbolt 3 is a bus-powered, external SSD that has been … Continued

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Really Right Stuff MC-43 & FH-7240 Tripod System

Really Right Stuff was showing their MC-43 and FH-7240 Tripod System at Cinegear 2019. The MC-43 and FH-7240 are designed exclusively for cinema and video professionals who are looking for an alternative to systems from Sachtler and O’Connor. Really Right Stuff has tried to combine the feel of an old cinema tripod, but with the … Continued

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Lectrosonics introduces the DSQD Digital Wireless Microphone System

Lectrosonics has announced their new D Squared Digital Wireless Microphone System which uses Lectrosonics 4th-generation digital architecture for excellent flexibility, ultra-fast setup, studio quality audio, and ultra-low latency. The system includes the DSQD 4-channel digital receiver, DBu digital belt pack transmitter, and DHu digital handheld transmitter. System features include 24 bit, 48 kHz digital audio, 2-way IR … Continued

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The Best and Worst Photography Products I’ve Purchased

The Best and Worst Photography Products I've Purchased

The photography world is chock full of products meant to make photographers think they will instantly improve their work and take dazzling shots. Some are obviously better than others. Here are the best and worst pieces of photography gear I’ve purchased.

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What Do You Wish You Had Started Sooner?

What Do You Wish You Had Started Sooner?

Whenever I discover something important or valuable to me, I inevitably wish I’d started it earlier. Areas of photography are no exception. So what do you wish you had started sooner?

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Microsoft releases Raw Image Extension to get raw image previews on Windows 10

Windows 10 does not ship with native support for previewing raw image files, meaning users can’t view thumbnails or metadata in the Photos app or Windows File Explorer. Microsoft has a solution for photographers in need of this capability, however, and it’s called the Raw Image Extension.

A screenshot of the download page for Raw Image Extension.

The Raw Image Extension gives Windows 10 native support for previewing raw file formats from ‘many mid- to high-end digital cameras,’ according to Microsoft. Once installed, both Windows File Explorer and the Photos app in Windows 10 will support displaying thumbnails and metadata for these raw image files.

The extension is only supported on systems that have installed the Windows 10 May 2019 Update version 1903. Microsoft utilized the libraw open source project for this extension; a full list of supported formats is available here.

Photoshop Versus Lightroom: Which Do You Need More?

Photoshop Versus Lightroom: Which Do You Need More?

“That’s been Photoshopped” is something you hear often but have you ever heard anyone say “that’s been Lightroomed”? Does your answer to that question tell you which form of software is better, or which you need more?

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“I Don’t Know How to Fake It, To Do Something I Don’t Believe In”: Michael Almereyda on Vampires, Mummies, Writing Hollywood Screenplays and Directing Independent Films

After more than a quarter century of publication, Filmmaker has a huge archive, and most of our print articles have never appeared online. Over the next several months we’ll be correcting that by curating some of our best articles and interviews, particularly from directors who continue to make strong and vital work today. We’ll start with this Winter, 1999 interview of Michael Almereyda by Ray Pride, published on the release of his film Trance, that is also an excellent overview of his early directing career and Hollywood screenwriting work. — Editor Filmmakers working outside the major studios often find themselves […]

Utilizing an Original Russian Arm Might be More Affordable Than You Think

If you’ve ever wanted to shoot a “Fast and Furious” style action sequence with a Russian Arm but thought it’d be too expensive, then you might be pleasantly surprised.

We got the chance to chat with Filmotechnic’s Thom Damon not only about their interesting new 3-axis gyro flight head prototype but about what it takes to operate and/or utilize a professional camera car system like theirs.

When it comes to operation, Damon says it’s not as difficult as it looks. Half joking he says if you know how to play Fortnite, then you can operate their system, which is good to know if you’ve ever considered being a camera car operator.

On the pricing front, Damon mentions that the cost of renting one of these systems is not as expensive as you might think…unless you think that the day rate for the whole package, including driver, arm operator, head tech, and all the gear, is $6300…then you’d be right.

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Shooting Large Format Portraits for the First Time

Shooting Large Format Portraits for the First Time

Have you ever wondered about what goes into producing images with a large format film camera? Take a look behind the scenes as photographer Willem Verbeeck tries out large format portraiture for the first time.

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Cine Gear 2019: The Angenieux Optimo Prime Lenses

Drawing on over 80-years of Angenieux cinematic excellence the Optimo Primes are a very much long-awaited step forward in the world of cinematic professional options.  That signature Angenieux look in a complete prime lens set is what many Angeniux zoom lens shooters have been wanting. These Optimo Primes were first unveiled at the 2019 Cannes Film Festiva.

According to Bandpro, these lenses were designed to give today’s cinematic artists the freedom to work on the largest possible canvas, Optimo Primes provide full frame 46.5mm image circle coverage with a consistently fast 1.8 T-stop. All focal lengths provide maximum flexibility with fully interchangeable mounts including LPL, XPL, PL, Canon EF, Nikon F and Panavision XL. Engineered as smart lenses, Optimo Primes will support both Cooke/I and Arri LDS; and feature common gear size and position across the entire 12-lens set.

Something else to consider, these lenses are very modular and adaptable. When we stopped by the Angenieux booth we learned these lenses not only had fully interchangeable lens mounts but also to change aperture blades to give more bokeh options to users. Other options include a flat magnetic filter on the back of the lens for rear filtration. AngenieuxFocal lengths for Optimo Primes include 21mm, 28mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 135mm for the initial 6-lens production run scheduled for delivery Fall 2020. The complete 12-lens set will include 18mm, 32mm, and 100mm lenses delivering Winter 2020; and 24mm, 60mm and 200mmcompleting the set in Spring 2021.



The lenses will range in price from around $23,000 USD- $31,000 USD each depending o the focal length. The total cost to own the entire Angenieux Optimo Prime lens range? ~$304,000, however, Angenieux has a history of delivering excellence in lenses. This price is right where these highly adaptable lenses belong. Rental houses will make a return on their investment for years.

AngenieuxSales and distribution of the new Optimo Prime lenses will be handled in the Americas by Band Pro, in Europe and Africa by Angenieux, and in Asia by Jebsen CineCast. Preorders in the Americas are available now on a first come, first served basis at 1-888-BAND-PRO or by emailing

Angenieux Optimo Primes focal lengths:

  • 18mm
  • 21mm
  • 24mm
  • 28mm
  • 32mm
  • 40mm
  • 50mm
  • 60mm
  • 75mm
  • 100mm
  • 135mm
  • 200mm

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Did You Notice the Hidden Meaning of ‘Glass’? [Video]

M. Night Shyamalan has made a career out of crafting complex, twist-filled stories, and this year’s Glass was no exception.

[Spoilers for the film will follow, so be warned!]

Glass was marketed as a “comic-book thriller” set in the same universe as Shyamalan’s previous films, Unbreakable and Split. The film brings together Bruce Willis’ invincible David Dunn and James McAvoy’s Beast for a climactic showdown, with Samuel L. Jackson’s Elijah Price orchestrating the whole thing according to the comic book narratives he believes are actual history.

But Like Stories of Old posits that there’s a deeper, hidden meaning in the film, beyond the more obvious allusions to comic book tropes and narratives. Watch the video below and see if you agree.

Shyamalan and Faith

The director has spoken about the importance of faith in his work, and how the notion of a spirit or life beyond death informs his storytelling.

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[UPDATE – Winner Announced] Giveaway – Win a Fujifilm X-T3 with a 18-55mm Lens Worth $1,899.95

[UPDATE - Winner Announced] Giveaway - Win a Fujifilm X-T3 with a 18-55mm Lens Worth $1,899.95

Update – Congratulations to Mack Bartlett on being selected as the winner of the Fujifilm X-T3 with a 18-55mm lens. His entry to sign up for the Fstoppers and Fujifilm newsletter won him the giveaway. We will be in touch with you to claim your prize.

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Atomos’ new Neon monitors/recorders will have 8K/60p ProRes RAW module option

Atomos has announced Neon, a new lineup of on-set and in-studio 4K HDR monitors/recorders designed for commercial high-resolution HDR capture. At launch, the four monitors in the lineup will be capable of recording 4K video, but a subsequent 8K master control unit will eventually give each of the monitors the ability to record 8K/60p video.

The Neon lineup consists of four different unit sizes: 17in, 24in, 31in and 55in with the following resolutions and pixel densities:

• 17in — Full HD (2048px x 1080px, 142ppi)
• 24in — 4K DCI (4096px x 2160px, 193ppi)
• 31in — 4K DCI (4096px x 2160px, 147ppi)
• 55in — 4K UHD (3840px x 2160px, 84ppi)

According to Atomos’ press release, each of the units were designed to serve a specific role in the monitoring and recording of footage:

‘[The] 17in is for focus pullers and as an on-set buddy reference monitor for laptops. The 24in and 31in is perfect for the video village, DIT, cinematographer, editor, director and a reference monitor for an iMac or Mac Pro. The 55in is a must have for clients, showrooms and color graders.’

An illustration from Atomos’ website showing how the different units could be used in a production environment to monitor and record video.

Unlike previous Atomos units, the Neon lineup drops the touchscreen in favor of remote control via Atomos iOS app. The app will be able to control up to 1,000+ units at once via Bluetooth (each of the Neon units will communicate using sub-gigahertz RF with a range of 200m/656ft) and will provide real-time tools like focus peaking, exposure, calibration, zoom, waveform monitor, LUT selection and more from a single device. It will also enable the Neon units to be perfectly synced up with the recorded footage for matching timecode.

With the default 4K master control unit, the monitors support up to DCI 4K input and display the image with 10-bit DCI-P3 color, 1000 cd/m² brightness and a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. When recording the units can capture ProRes, ProRes RAW, Avid DNx and Cinema DNG formats up to 4K/60p using 2.5″ HDD or SSD media with Master Caddy II or AtomX SSDmini adapters, neither of which are included.

The Neon units feature HDMI 2.0b in/out connections, two mic/line input, one 3.5mm headphone output and come with Atomos’ SDI Expansion Module that offers 12G-SDI in/out.

The displays are constructed of an aluminum alloy frame with a polycarbonate back plate, while the 17in, 24in and 31in Neons will come with their own crush-proof and water-tight travel case. Mounting points on the unit include VESA mounts, feet for placing on the ground or desk and ARRI-standard edge mounting points.

To ensure the units are future-proof, Atomos has also announced an 8K Master Control Unit that will allow for recording and monitoring of 8K/60p video with support for both ProRes and ProRes RAW straight out of camera, a world first by our records. Additional details are scarce, but Atomos says the 8K Master Control Units are ‘due to hit the market in 2019.’

The Neon17 and Neon24 units are expected to be available in August 2019 for $3,999 and $6,499, respectively. The Neon31 and Neon55 units are set to ship September 2018 for $7,999 and $16,999, respectively.

It’s safe to say these units aren’t for your run-and-gun shooters or even mid-level commercial work. These are full-fledged units designed for the most high-level operations and the most discerning eyes—and that doesn’t come cheap.