Tiffen DJI Osmo Action ND Filters

Tiffen has announced new DJI Osmo Action ND Filter Kits. One of the nice things about the DJI Osmo Action is that you can attach ND filters to the front of the lens. Unfortunately, DJI’s ND filter kits are not available yet, so if you want to use ND filters you will need a third … Continued

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Tiffen announces the Steadicam M-2

Tiffen has announced the Steadicam M-2 modular camera stabilizer, a follow up the companies M-1. The Steadicam M-2 is designed for both broadcast and cinema applications. It features a sleek, new top stage that integrates the Steadicam Volt horizontal stabilization technology for reduced weight, height, all to create a simplified rig design. The M-2 is … Continued

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Adobe Customers Using Old Software Threatened With Legal Action, Company in Battle With Dolby

Adobe Customers Using Old Software Threatened With Legal Action, Company in Battle With Dolby

Adobe’s recent decision to scrap its smaller price plans for Creative Cloud angered many of its loyal customers. The company then discontinued older versions of its applications and restricted the software available for download. Now, to make matters worse, customers using older versions are being warned they may face legal action.

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Robert Pattinson to Play ‘The Batman’ for Matt Reeves

Robert Pattinson to Play ‘The Batman’ for Matt Reeves in reboot.

The Batman reboot hits theaters June 25, 2021 and we finally know who will behind the cowl. Robert Pattinson will play Bruce Wayne/Batman for Matt Reeves. Coming off what I thought was a virtuoso performance in the Safdie Brothers’ Good Time we get Pattinson taking on a role that has bolstered and defined many actors before him.

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Put It In Writing: Living Through the Films of Abel Ferrara, Part Four

Evan Louison last wrote about Abel Ferrara for Filmmaker‘s 25th anniversary issue in his report, “Letter from Rome.” Given the assignment to interview Ferrara in conjunction with his month-long MoMA retrospective, Louison responded with a five-part personal memoir that tracks the impact of the director and his work on his own life. Check back each day this week for the next in the series, and read Part One, Part Two and Part Three. On the Run and Playing a Dangerous Game “Hell is here and now, and so is the opportunity to know heaven. I you take the journey, you’ll […]

Learn How to Make Your Video Sound Just about Perfect Online

Crispy vocals and other tips for working with audio in Premiere Pro.

Occasionally I’ve been asked, “What are the most important things in filmmaking?”

I always have the same answer: food.

Outside of keeping people fed and hydrated, though, my second answer is always good audio, and while there are a plethora of ways to encourage excellent audio quality on-set, there are also a few quick tricks to implement in your post-production workflow. The wonderful people over at FStoppers have done a lovely breakdown of how to get superior quality audio directly in Premiere Pro. Check it out below:

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The MicroFogger Is a Fog Machine That Fits Right in Your Pocket

You now have the power of fog in the palm of your hand with this sweet little gadget.

As we all know, fog/haze/smoke/atmosphere is an essential cinematographic tool. It can help you add depth to your visuals, establish tone, as well as create many different aesthetic, technical, and stylistic effects.

But despite their vital cinematic role, these machines (like anything) could be a little more convenient and accommodating for certain applications, which is what makes the MicroFogger such an interesting item.

This thing is basically a super portable pocket-sized fog machine that has single-button operation, a rechargeable battery, and requires only a few drops of fog liquid.

And here’s our favorite Weird Lens Expert, Mathieu Stern, taking it for a spin.

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LensCoat Lens Cover Review: Camouflage Your Lenses for Wildlife Photography

LensCoat Lens Cover Review: Camouflage Your Lenses for Wildlife Photography

You’ve probably seen them before, and the concept is nothing new to the market. However, as LensCoat keeps cranking out new Lens Cover designs to match all the hottest new lens releases, these protective camouflage sleeves are just as relevant today and worthy of taking a closer look at.

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‘Game of Thrones’ Goes Heavy Metal, ARRI Goes to Charleston [Podcast]

What in the wide, wide, world of Filmmaking is going on?

This week on The No Film School Podcast, Editor-in-Chief George Edelman joins host Charles Haine to dive into the latest Game of Thrones controversy (this week, style and content are at war), Roger Deakins’ old-school, single-LUT methods, and why ARRI is invading Charleston, North Carolina.

Check back next week for our next episode!

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