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The 25 Best Movies By Directors To Emerge This Century

By David Zou

So far the 21st century has been an exciting, unpredictable, and variable period for cinema. Many talented, vital, and visionary filmmakers have emerged (too many, in fact, to completely cover in a list as short as this) and Taste of Cinema thought it might be helpful for film lovers to get a reasonably extensive list of the best movies to come out of the current generation of international filmmakers.

The films on this list show a wide-ranging assortment, including auteur-driven films, influential movies, astonishing international fare, a few blockbusters, plentiful arthouse gems, genre films, and many magnificent female-led projects, too (that has truly been one of this century’s best progressions), each of which represent the very best of the cinematic artform.

As a list of this nature is very expansive, many additional films have been included in an Honorable Mentions section at the end of the article (the titles listed there could easily be swapped for any on this list without argument). Enjoy!

25. Monster (2003, directed by Patty Jenkins)


Patty Jenkins’s distinguished directorial debut, which she also wrote, was too disturbing to make her a household name (2017’s blockbuster Wonder Woman essentially did that) as she detailed the harrowing real-life story of Aileen Wuornos (Charlize Theron, in a brilliant, Oscar-winning performance).

Monster picks up shortly after Aileen, a sex-worker, has relocated to Florida. Here she soon meets Selby Wall (Christina Ricci), a younger woman, and the two fall in love. When an aggressive john named Vincent (Lee Tergesen) brutally attacks Aileen, she kills him in self-defense and decides to finally give up prostitution.

A series of financial setbacks and Aileen’s wanting to protect and support Selby leads her back into hooking men and, secretly from Selby, she murders the men who seek her services.

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