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Wooden Camera Zip Focus, Push Button Rosettes & PL Mount for C200

By Olaf von Voss

Zip Focus

US based Wooden Camera, member of Vitec Group, has released yet another useful product to their already impressive lineup: The Zip Focus. It’s a straightforward single rod follow focus for both, 15mm and 19mm rods. Ryan Schorman walks us through it and also explains their Push Button Rosettes and a brand new PL mount for the Canon C200.

This new, one-sided follow focus is easy to attach, easy to align and has some handy extra features. It’s available for 15mm lightweight rods and for 15mm studio / 19mm rods. We’ve already covered the Push Button Rosettes in this article.

Wooden Camera Zip Focus

When travelling light, you don’t want to burden yourself with unnecessary extra bulk. Modularity and ease of use is key here. The Zip Focus is such a device. it’s pretty simple on first sight but it comes with some clever features while only taking very little room in your bag.

The Zip Focus comes in two models, which are basically the same but with different mounting adapters. One version attaches to your 15mm lightweight support rods, the other to 19mm (or 15mm studio) rods. The 15mm lightweight version is the one you’ll most likely want, simply because a tiny single rod lightweight follow focus makes so much more sense on a lightweight rig instead of being attached to a giant 19mm studio camera package. But it’s still nice to see that the Zip Focus system cater for all your needs.

The 15mm LW (left) and the 19mm model of the Zip Focus (right).

The Zip Focus comes with two standard marking disks, a hard stop marking disk, a 0.8 gear with 35 tooth and a handy friction gear for photo lenses that don’t have gears on them. No need for extra clip-on gear belts, → continue…

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