The ROV Slider promises cinematic phone, GoPro and DSLR shots at the push of a button

ROV Slider, a new motorized camera slider currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, promises to bring cinematic slider shots to the masses.

The portable little slider handles any camera that weighs under 5lbs / 2.3kg—including smartphones, GoPro, mirrorless cameras and DSLRs—and comes in two variations: ROV Slider and ROV Pro. Here’s a quick video intro to the ROV from Kickstarter:

As you can see, ROV Slider and ROV Pro are both offered in an ‘Everyday’ model with 8in / 20cm of travel, as well as a ‘Traveler’ model with 16in / 40cm of travel. While both are made with unibody CNC milled rails, the Pro version comes in a gunmetal finish, as well.

Common features between the two models include a cordless motor, 24hr battery life, a centered tripod mount, all-terrain foldable legs, and a low-profile iPhone mount. Meanwhile, the Pro version offers a bit more for professionals, including a 1/4-20 ball head and the ability to capture time-lapses with a DSLR.

For motion control purposes, ROV works with two different apps: Rhino Storyteller for smartphones, and ROV Motion for GoPro, mirrorless, and DSLR models. Rhino Storyteller features four modes—Night Lapse, Time-Lapse, Slo-mo, and Video. ROV Motion, meanwhile, offers control of ROV’s ramp, speed, direction, looping, and time-lapses.

ROV Slider is being offered to backers at a special price of $230 USD (compared to the anticipated retail price is $300) while the ROV Pro is available for just $300 USD (anticipated retail price $400). Backers are also given some other options, such as a Content Creator Bundle for $380, an Outdoor Bundle for $440, and an Ultimate Bundle for $480.

To find out more or put down a pledge of your own, head over to the Kickstarter → continue…

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