Music Vine Giveaway – 5 Free Songs & Licenses for Commercial Web Projects

By Sebastian Wöber

Music Vine music licensing platform update

We’ve written about the music-licensing start-up Music Vine before. They are another player in the steadily growing music licensing industry and one that you should keep an eye on. Now the UK based licensing platform has teamed up with cinema5D and give you 5 free songs and licenses for any commercial web project.

The music licensing world is ripe with platforms, offering a variety of business models. We probably are all familiar with the big players like or The Music Bed, with vast, established music libraries and streamlined search engines. Music Vine is among the newer sites and they share the space with fresh start-ups like Filmstro, Art-List or soundstripe.

Whichever platform serves your project best, the variety of offerings and competing pricing models are definitely a win for us, the filmmakers, as long as the artists on the other end of the deal are rewarded adequately. After all, let’s not forget, that this is really what music licensing platforms are about: To help us find and make a fair deal with music artists that support our projects with those creations they put their heart and sweat into. To hear more about this topic, check out our On the Go episode on the matter.

Music Vine Giveaway

In an effort to get Music Vine’s name out, they have agreed to give something of value to our readers. We hope you enjoy the music and licenses they offer and we’d love to see what you create with it, so feel free to share your work in the comments.

If you haven’t grabbed the free song license yet, make sure to do it soon, because the giveaway will only be available for a limited time as Music Vine is ramping up to → continue…

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French President Macron takes legal action against photographer over invasion of privacy


French President Emmanuel Macron has filed a legal complaint against a photographer over allegations that he violated the presidential couple’s privacy while they were on a holiday vacation. According to UK newspaper The Telegraph, Macron and his wife were on a private holiday in France when an unnamed photographer failed to honor their request for privacy.

The photographer is accused of stalking the president and his wife during their stay in the French city of Marseille, having at times acted in ‘a risky and perilous manner’ while ignoring warnings from Macron’s security personnel to back off. None of that got him arrested, however; it was the photographer’s alleged unauthorized entrance into the couple’s private property that led to the cops being called and a legal complaint being filed.

The unnamed photographer reportedly told French newspaper VSD that he was subjected to a police search, which included having officials search his bags and gear. He complained of being treated like a criminal and being forced to remove his watch and shoelaces, and characterized the police officers’ search of him as ‘totally illegal.’

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The 15 Most Underrated Movie Performances of 2017 (So Far)

By Jethro Colmer

So often in cinema, great performances are taken for granted and quality acting is not recognised highly enough. A big-name star is expected to give a good performance, but often it is those supporting actors and new faces that go under the radar. This list will look at the performances of this year that have not gotten the credit they deserve.

*All films release in UK cinemas in 2017

15. Sam Riley – Free Fire

Sam Riley - Free Fire

Ben Wheatley’s Free Fire is a film that uses plot merely to give characters an excuse to go to a single location where an extensively choreographed shoot-out can take place. The script is primarily a set of wickedly-funny one liners for two set of arms dealers to spit at each other during the firefight.

Sam Riley plays Stevo, whose assault on a young woman is the spark that sets off tensions and eventually violence between American and Irish gun dealers in a Boston warehouse. All the narrative flows through actions committed by or aimed at Stevo and Riley pulls it off excellently.

What makes the performance even stronger is that Stevo is the most reprehensible character of the 12 players; his arrogance, drug addiction and leering attitude towards women is portrayed in a deservingly unsympathetic way, but Sam Riley is so confident in his delivery that he is the standout performer in the film.

14. Ansel Elgort – Baby Driver

Edgar Wright’s heist-musical is such a tightly created film that the slightest mistake would put several things out of place. Such is the importance of music in the film, timing is everything.

At the wheel of Baby Driver is Ansel Elgort’s Baby, the getaway driver who just needs to complete “one last job” before he can start his own → continue…

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Eddie – a Short Shady Retro Science Fiction Film by John Lynch

By John Lynch

My name is John Lynch, and I live and work mostly in London. By day I’m a professional filmmaker for various brands and charities, but by night I’m trying to get a retro science fiction film universe off the ground. Same as most people, I guess?

The first big step towards that goal was taking time out from work to go out into the Scottish wilderness to shoot Eddie. It’s a short introduction to the world of a shady, ubiquitous mega-corporation called Overhead created by my good friend Jon Williams-Nobbs. At this point you really should watch the film… because later I’m going to quiz you on how you think it was made.

Name and age: John Lynch, 33 years old.

Currently based in: London, UK.

Language (s) spoken: English, very very basic Spanish, hmmm… does the language of cinema count?

Occupation: Professional Corporate & Commercial Filmmaker.

How did you get started in our industry? I’ve always been a film nut, even from a young age. When I was 16 I started making video sketches for a theatre and comedy sketch group I was part of. From there I went on to study film at University. I moved to London after Uni and I lost my way slightly. Struggling to get a job, I somehow ended up as a video technician for a corporate events company. I did that for a few years, then went freelance and slowly but surely moved away from the live events back to filmmaking just as the DSLR revolution and the birth of the ‘social media video’ happened. Since then, I’ve been directed and produced for all kinds of clients and agencies. I’ve directed cinema ads, worked as a specialist camera supervisor at the Olympics and even helped out on a → continue…

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Manfrotto targets 360° VR creators with new range of accessories

Accessory creator Manfrotto has just launched a new range of bases, booms, heads and dollies aimed at Virtual Reality content creators. The company claims to be the first to produce, “unique, dedicated products designed to support professionals and enthusiasts shaping the future of photography and videography,” and that its new range makes VR creation easier and more enjoyable.

The Manfrotto 360° Virtual Reality range includes:

  • VR Clamp and VR Adjustable Dolly
  • VR Mini Tripod Kit
  • VR Aluminium Base with/without half ball
  • VR Pump Cup with spigot adapter
  • VR Carbon Tripod
  • VR Panoramic Head
  • VR Carbon Fibre Boom (Small, Medium, Large)

The company says that the bases have been designed to provide solid, motion-free support ensuring cameras remain as still as possible, and that their foot-prints are small enough that they won’t appear in the frame. The bases offer a choice of carbon fibre or aluminum materials, and booms are provided to enable images to be taken at various heights.

Prices for the range start at £30/$35 for a clamp and top out at £680/$690 for the Multi-Row Panoramic Head. For more information, visit the Manfrotto website.

Press Release


  • The first dedicated range of solutions supporting virtual reality creation
  • Pro and enthusiast solutions for immersive content creation
  • Reliable, high-performance bases, accessories and extension booms
  • Engineered with high-quality materials and careful attention to ergonomics and detail

UK 9th August 2017 – Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, imaging equipment and accessories industry, is excited to introduce the brand new 360o Virtual Reality range and to be the first player to bring unique, dedicated products designed to support professionals and enthusiasts shaping the future of photography and videography.

Manfrotto’s new 360° Virtual Reality offering includes bases, accessories and extension booms that make it easier and more fun to create amazing 360-degree videos and photos.

With this new range, Manfrotto is facilitating the transition → continue…

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Photographer travels around the globe to photograph all her Facebook friends

Ahna Anomaly, San Francisco, California

Social networks have changed the meaning of friendship. Many of our Facebook friends we might not have seen in a long time or never even met personally. Photographer Tanja Alexia Hollander decided to take friendship back out of the virtual into the real world by visiting and photographing all of her 626 Facebook friends.

Since 2011 she has been traveling around the USA and to countries as far as the UK, Belgium, France, Greece, and Malaysia to meet her friends in their homes, take their portrait and share real-life experiences with them.

Shannon Lam and Maury Browning, Sungai Long, Malaysia

According to MASS MoCA in North Adams, MA, where Hollander’s Are you really my friend? is currently on display, the project turned from a personal documentary on friendship “into an exploration of contemporary culture, relationships, generosity and compassion, family structure, community-building, storytelling, meal-sharing, the economy and class, the relationship between technology and travel in the 21st century, social networking, memory, and the history of the portrait.

Mary Bok with Surely and Honey the dogs, Camden, Maine

You can see all the images and learn more about Are you really my friend? on the project website. You can also follow Tanja Alexia Hollander on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to find out about her ongoing work.

All images courtesy: Tanja Hollander and MASS MoCA, used with permission

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5 Reasons Why Daniel Craig is the Best Actor to Ever Play James Bond

By Rashawn Prince

When Ian Fleming’s first spy novel “Casino Royale” hit bookstores in the UK in 1953, the world was introduced to the soon-to-be iconic British spy James Bond. The book detailed the exploits of the martini-drinking secret agent with a license to kill, becoming an instant hit in the publishing world, and soon more novels would follow.

Fleming was a former spy himself, working for the Naval Intelligence Division for Britain during World War II, and ran such covert units with colorful names such as 30 Assault Unit and T-Force. These covert units consisted of commandos trained in hand-to-hand combat, safe cracking, and lock picking, and primary objectives were obtaining enemy documents and securing personnel and equipment behind enemy lines.

Soon Fleming’s popular books would make it to the big screen with the premiere of the film “Dr. No”, released in 1962 and starring Sean Connery. The cinematic world was thus introduced to Agent 007 and this film would start one of the most successful movie franchise of all time, which has been going strong for nearly 60 years.

Originally the producers wanted Cary Grant to play the role of James Bond, but the famous actor would only commit to one film so the producers hired a young 30-year-old Sean Connery to play the role. The casting was perfect because Connery had a physically imposing presence, giving the impression he could easily kick ass while at the same time possessing dapper good looks, making him the perfect James Bond. Connery also played Bond as a dark anti-hero who would have no problem sacrificing anyone to achieve his objective of completing the mission.

After Connery retired from playing Bond, he cast a huge shadow over the other actors that would follow in his footsteps. Roger Moore had the most successful stint playing Bond after → continue…

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All 30 Billion-Dollar Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

By David Zou

As F. Gary Gray’s Fast and Furious 8 passed the billion-dollar mark at the global box office, it became the thirtieth film to do so. This represents an opportunity to revisit the films that have reached this financial landmark, and question how many of them are deserving of such staggering takings.

A quick look at the titles will show that only two of the films are original features, all others are prequels, sequels or adaptations of some sort, whether that be of books, historical events, toys or theme park rides. In the eyes of the money men, this is reason enough for Hollywood to continue to churn out sequels and neglect original properties, as they are not as bankable and are deemed too risky.

Box office takings are accurate as of July 2017.

All film titles are UK release titles and therefore some films will be titled differently across the world.

30. Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)
Worldwide box office: $1.124bn

Sitting through one of Michael Bay’s Transformers films would, to many, sound as appealing as experiencing A Clockwork Orange’s Ludovico Treatment, and that would not be an exaggeration. His work with on franchise has been likened to an attempt to suck the soul out of cinema, and while it is true that the Transformers films are reprehensible orgies of mechanical sounds, horrific objectification and incomprehensible fights, the films take a staggering amount of money.

Ultimately, Hollywood relies on the takings of its biggest blockbusters, and so long as people flock to the cinema to see films such as these, they will only continue to be made.

29. Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)
Worldwide box office: $1.104bn

Transformers Age of Extinction (2014)

It would appear that Michael Bay’s idea of rejuvenating a franchise would be to replace the two → continue…

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MTF Services to provide 4/3rds and FZ mount options for Fujinon MK lenses.

By alisterchapman

MTF-FZ-MK-895x1024 MTF Services to provide 4/3rds and FZ mount options for Fujinon MK lenses.

In addition to the recent announcement from Duclos, MTF services in the UK have just announced that they will be introducing a conversion service for the popular new Fujinon MK zoom lenses. Currently these lenses are E-Mount only, but MTF will be producing kits to convert the lens mounts so that they can be used with cameras that use the micro 4/3rds mount as well as the Sony FZ mount. This is great news for owners of Sony’s F5 and F55 cameras.

Here’s the text of their press release:

Since the launch of Fujinon’s MK lenses in February this year, users have continued to request a greater range of mounts beyond the native E-Mount that can be found on the 18-55mm and 50-135mm lenses. MTF have now addressed these requests and have designed brand new solutions to convert the lenses to Micro four thirds and FZ mount systems

Mike Tapa, Managing Director at MTF Services said: “Since these excellent lenses from Fujinon were launched earlier this year, we’ve had more and more of our customers asking for us to produce a solution to open up the use of the MK lenses for use across a broader range of camera bodies. We’re now pleased to announce that we have designed brand-new adapter mounts for both micro four thirds and FZ systems to work seamlessly with both the 18-55mm and 50-135mm lenses.

Fitting service

Fitting the new mount options for the Fujinon MK lenses will be offered as a service from the team at MTF Services. Simply ship your lens over to MTF’s London-based workshop, and the team will fit your preferred mount before shipping back to you, fully tested, professionally adapted, cleaned and ready for use before being safely couriered back to your door.

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