Travis Lee Ratcliff

Watch: What to Do When Your Actor Isn’t Quite Getting It

By Jon Fusco

Your actor is your friend. Don’t treat them like an idiot.

In today’s technology-driven world, we often see the importance of a director’s ability to inspire performances out of their actors fall to the wayside. Even on this site, we constantly find ourselves asked by frustrated filmmakers, “What do you say to an actor who just isn’t quite getting the performance right?”

One thing is for certain, directors deal with a bevy of different issues on set, and while it’s important to get wrapped up in the technical side of things, it is also imperative that you treat your actors in a way that will boost their performance rather than lower their self-esteem.

One way to ensure the opposite occurs is by employing a tactic known as “result direction.” In the video essay below, Travis Lee Ratcliff defines one of the most common traps that directors fall into when trying to collaborate with their actors.

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