Filming Beautiful Jet Choreographies with Yannick Barthe – Talent Feature

By Yannick Barthe

Hi, I’m Yannick Barthe, a Swiss aerial cameraman and aviation filmmaker. Since 2006, I’ve been traveling in Switzerland and abroad to film aircrafts, gliders, helicopters and other disciplines in the air with my company Yannick Barthe Films using the latest technology and video equipment to capture the beauty of flight – the third dimension like you have never seen it before.

From the Rafale to the Airbus A380, through the legendary Mustang and Super Constellation, I’ve captured the breath-taking sequences and choreographies of the world’s most beautiful jets in formation like the Patrouille Suisse, the Patrouille de France or the Frecce Tricolori. The dream of flying has lost nothing of its attraction and its magic.

Name and age: Yannick Barthe, 36.

Currently based in: Delémont, Switzerland

Language(s) spoken: French, English and German.

Occupation: I’m an independent aerial filmmaker and drone pilot working in my own company Yannick Barthe Films, and also a part-time projects engineer in the middle voltage network in north Switzerland. As I have family, I decided to have two jobs for reasons of financial security, so I have the privilege to choose the projects I would like to work on and I don’t have the pressure of accepting a video job only for the money. This means more freedom, more passion, more creativity, and it also leaves me the possibility to start personal projects without a commission.

How did you get started in our industry? I’ve been passionate about cinema since an early age, even building a movie theatre in my house. I went on to study engineering sciences with a specialisation in multimedia and internet. Today, as an electronic engineer, I’m mainly interested by new technology and video gear.

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WCPMedia Joins Digital Production Partnership (DPP)

By Artisans PR

Lugano, Switzerland

WCPMedia Services, whose cloud-based media management platform is used by entertainment companies worldwide to produce, market and distribute film and television content, today announces its membership of the Digital Production Partnership (DPP). In joining the media industry’s business change…

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