Stranger Things

Watch: Learn the Technique ‘Stranger Things’ Uses to Make Us Love its Characters As Soon As We Meet Them

By Hawkins DuBois

From a diner break-in to a bathroom make-out scene, The Duffer Brothers utilize telling introductions to show us who the characters of ‘Stranger Things’ are.

With a runaway hit TV show, there is always going to be an outspoken minority that repeatedly lobs out the “overrated” insult, but when it comes to Stranger Things even that minority avoided targeting their hate at the show’s leading characters. Right from the onset, Stranger Things does an incredible job of establishing its core cast, even with the challenge of possessing a double-digit roster of key players. Fortunately, the Duffer Brothers know how to leave a good first impression, much like one of the show’s greatest inspirations: Steven Spielberg.

By placing your characters into a sequence of conflicts with each other, we can see each of their unique perspectives bouncing off of each other.​

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