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20 Great Movies From 2017 You May Have Missed

By Shane Scott-Travis

Wind River

2017 certainly had more than its share of blockbuster releases; from Marvel and DC superheroes smacking each other around to mixbag Stephen King adaptations and Star Wars space operatics unfolding with seemingly limitless budgets and big name superstars. And while such large studio fare gets most of the attention when it comes to audiences plaudits, lots of foreign-language films are largely ignored, as are indie-derived projects, genre entries, and most arthouse fare.

And while this following list is somewhat limited––there were so many wonderful films released in 2017 and so many Taste of Cinema is still catching up on––any way you look at it, a roundup of 2017 films will feature gifted visual storytellers, fearless filmmakers, invention, upset, and vivid imaginings.

Without further ado, please enjoy this list and be sure to add other overlooked films or remarks on our selections in the comment section below.

20. My Friend Dahmer

My Friend Dahmer

If you regularly haunt your local comic book shop and/or dig horror comics then the odds are good you came across the John “Derf” Backderf (Alex Wolff in the film) graphic novel “My Friend Dahmer” back in 2012. The book, Backderf’s real-life recollections of high school in Bath, Ohio, in the 1970s and his relationship with classmate Jeffrey Dahmer (Ross Lynch in an alternately sympathetic and sinister break-out performance), shortly before he began his cannibalistic killing spree is deftly adapted to the big screen by writer-director Marc Meyers.

This twisted coming of age horror story is buttressed by a superb cast, which also includes Anne Heche and Dallas Roberts as Dahmer’s struggling parents, Joyce and Lionel respectively, as well as an effective turn from young Liam Koeth as Dahmer’s kid brother, Dave.

A fascinating tragedy, the nostalgic air and occasionally humorous tale does nothing to exploit the lives → continue…

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