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10 Movie Trilogies That Get Better With Each Film

By Thor Magnusson

Since the invention of the rules of storytelling, the established formula for a satisfying tale is the three-act structure: beginning, middle and end. It’s no surprise then that the template for a complete series of movies is that of the three-parter.

It’s been done time and time again yet usually due to studio’s milking successful properties, running out of fresh ideas or just unnecessary sequelization of a distinct idea, the films tend to run out of steam and decline by when the third part comes about.

It’s happened to cult classics like the Mad Max series, or even iconic Oscar winners like the Godfather movies. So when that trilogy escalates in quality with every movie, it’s a rare occasion. Let’s examine those times where the original movie was only the tip of the iceberg in terms of quality.

10. The Hobbit Trilogy


Much like the Star Wars prequel trilogy, Peter Jackson’s return to his iconic franchise was marred in controversy and disappointment, yet unlike its sci-fi equivalent, the Hobbit series just sort’ve became forgotten quickly instead of a permanent black spot for the director.

There was many a problem in conception; milking a 200-page story into a epic trilogy was misguided and stunk of studio greed. Secondly, Jackson was thrown headlong into a hectic shooting schedule after filling the vacated director’s chair at the last minute – it was a miserable experience for him, too.

“An Unexpected Journey” (2012) is definitely the weakest as it drags basically the opening moments of the book for what feel like forever, as well as inserting references to its more later trilogy, even when it doesn’t fit. The cast is strong and well chosen, but overall it’s a movie that drags and was a damp squib for what was a highly anticipated → continue…

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Joseph Campbell Is the Hidden Link Between ‘2001,’ ‘Star Wars,’ and ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

By Eric Kohn Countless filmmakers owe a debt to the Hero’s Journey that Campbell recognized. → continue…

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The 10 Best Movies About Mind Control

By Shane Scott-Travis

Psychological manipulation is a complex, creepy, yet fascinating subject for a rewarding night out at the cinema, and one that can manifest itself in various ways. Sometimes the most exciting premise for a genre film can be deceptively simple and still very sinister, and also be incredibly effective.

It’s with this idea at the fore that Taste of Cinema presents a list of the best movies about mind control. Admittedly we at first imagined it would be a list strictly limited to the sci-fi genre, but we found horror films, comedies, and arthouse favorites have lots to interpret and imagine when it comes to mind control and mass manipulation.

Enjoy and please add other films of this nature in the comments section below.

10. THX 1138 (1971)


Set in a dystopian future somewhere in the 21st century where the world’s populace is brainwashed via the mandatory use of emotion-suppressing drugs and an oft-times brutal android police force. THX 1138 is the feature length directorial debut from George Lucas––developed from his student film.

A bleak future for man, set in a police state, THX 1138 is an inauspicious debut but an interesting one. Produced on a small scale by Lucas’s good friend, Francis Ford Coppola, the film takes a minimalist approach to set design, and once combined with an eerie lowkey sound design, the bleak and sparse setting becomes all the more palpable, and the state’s cruel forms of mind control, all the more unsettling and plausible.

Stars Robert Duvall and Donald Pleasence helped cement the film’s cult status, and fans of Lucas will be intrigued and may find the downbeat matter-of-course, poles apart from his later Star Wars films, rather surprising. It’s a minor classic from a major player.

9. Village of the Damned (1960)


Adapted from the → continue…

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Sci-fi is enjoying a renaissance in pop culture right now. Not only have Star Wars and Blade Runner made triumphant returns, but there’s plenty of sci-fi content on the small screen as well like Star Trek: Discovery and Counterpart. Shutterstock even named ‘space’ one of 2018’s creative trends to watch.

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