WD My Passport Wireless SSD – Offload and Review Footage Without a Laptop

By Olaf von Voss

My Passport Wireless SSD

At this year’s CES, Western Digital have updated their previous My Passport Wireless Pro lineup of portable external storage devices to new SSD-equipped models. While WD My Passport Wireless SSD might be a slightly tongue-twisting name, the product itself seems to be very capable!

SSD is becoming mainstream in both ways: capacity and pricepoint. While conventional HDDs are still around of course, their more rugged and more lightweight solid state counterparts are becoming more and more affordable while continuously gaining capacity.

WD My Passport Wireless SSD

If you’re a on-the-go shooter, a fast SSD is a good companion for offloading your valuable footage in the field. If that SSD happen to be a My Passport Wireless SSD you get some extra value in a compact package:

  • 250GB – 2TB Storage Capacity / durable, shock-resistant SSD
  • SD Card Slot (USB 2.0) with one-touch copy button
  • Built-In 802.11ac Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Up to 10 Hour Battery Life, can be used as a powerbank
  • Up to 2.4A Power Output
  • USB 3.0 interface (for external disks)
  • Wirelessly stream 4K videos and view photos

Watch the short introduction video below for a quick rundown of features:

This SSD is quite similar to the kickstarter-fueled GNARBOX (read the article here). The capacity of the My Passport Wireless SSD is much bigger, though: 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB models are available. Plus, this SSD doubles as a 6,700 mAh powerbank, which is pretty neat!

Passport Wireless SSD

After importing your files via the built-in SD card reader (other types can be hooked up via USB), you can use the free WD My Cloud app (iOS | <a target="_blank" href="" → continue…

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