Wacom releases 24-inch Cintiq Pro pen display, 32-inch coming ‘later this year’

Wacom has officially released the Cintiq Pro 24—a 4K 24-inch version of its popular Cintiq Pro Creative Pen Display for use with both Windows and Mac computers. The 32-inch version remains in-development, with an official release “slated for later this year.”

Wacom first announced its Cintiq Pro 24- and 32-inch tablets back in July of last year, but that announcement was more of a teaser than anything else. At the time, Wacom only shared that the pen displays would have “4K edge-to-edge displays” and “maximum color accuracy.” Now, with the official release of the Cintiq Pro 24, we have a lot more details to share.

The Cintiq Pro 24—which will be available in both Pen and Pen & Touch models—boasts an IPS UHD display with 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution, 98% Adobe RGB color accuracy (the store page claims 99%), and “a billion colors” (translation: 10-bit color). The tablet also features an etched glass surface to reduce glare and provide a “natural, pen on paper feel,” parallax reduction through “optical bonding,” close to zero latency, and support for the Pro Pen 2, which features 8,192 levels of sensitivity.

Finally, for those who want to take their Cintiq Pro 24 to the next level, Wacom also introduced the Cintiq Pro Engine. This plug-and-play PC module—which we covered in detail here—turns the Cintiq Pro 24 into a full-blown Windows 10 workstation with Intel processor, up to 32GB of RAM, NVIDIA graphics, and an SSD.

The Cintiq Pro Engine costs at least as much as the Cintiq Pro 24 itself, but the SSD and RAM inside are both upgradable, and its plug-and-play nature means you can swap your entire workstation from display to display as needed. If you’re looking for a single, portable solution… it’s → continue…

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Samsung unveils massive 30TB solid state drive, the world’s largest SSD

Photo: Samsung

Samsung has reached another solid state storage milestone with its newly-announced Serial Attached SCSI PM1643 30TB SSD. The drive, which was developed for enterprise use, has double the capacity of the 15.36TB SSD Samsung introduced in early 2016. The company packed 512Gb V-NAND chips alongside 1TB NAND flash packages into the new drive, the combination enabling it to offer a 30TB capacity in a 2.5-inch form factor.

“With our launch of the 30.72TB SSD,” Samsung’s Jaesoo Han explained, “we are once again shattering the enterprise storage capacity barrier, and in the process, opening up new horizons for ultra-high capacity storage systems worldwide.”

In addition to hitting a record capacity, Samsung explains that its PM1643 is the first SSD to feature Through Silicon Via (TSV)-applied DRAM, which totals 40GB in this model. The company also managed to include an endurance level that supports writing 30.72TB of data to the drive every day for five years (the warranty period) without failure, an error correction code (ECC) algorithm for reliability, software offering sudden power failure and metadata protection, and sequential read/write speeds up to 2,100MB/s and 1,700MB/s.

Photo: Samsung

Samsung plans to offer other versions of this drive with capacities ranging from 800GB to 15.36TB. As for the 30.72TB model, the South Korean company explains that it started producing “initial quantities” of the drive last month, with lineup expansion planned for later in 2018.

The drive price isn’t listed, but we’re less excited about this specific drive (since it’s an enterprise drive) and more excited about the tech trickling down into consumer-focused higher capacity SSDs that photographers and videographers can use for backups.

Read the full press release below for more details about these drives.

Samsung Electronics Begins Mass Production of Industry’s Largest Capacity SSD – 30.72TB – for → continue…

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