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Make Infinite Unique LED Shapes with Spekular Lights

By Charles Haine

LED lights offer a world of customization, and the new line of Spekular lights lets you dial in precisely the reflection you were looking for.

When trying to determine precisely how a scene was lit, one of the best places to start is in the eyes. While you can usually tell a key light from the nose shadow, it’s hard to tell if there was a fill light at all, or just natural wall bounce. If you can get close on an eye, however, you can see fill, if there were multiple keys, and what shapes those lights took. Shaping the reflection of a highlight has always been a fun game for DPs to play, hiding hidden messages in the specular highlights, and now it’s easier than ever with the Spekular line of LEDs from Spiffy Gear. The units offer a nearly infinite array of methods for linking them together to create individual light patterns.

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Spekular is a modular LED lighting system you can reshape to suit your needs

Spiffy Gear, the company behind the Light Blaster strobe projector, is back with another accessory for photographers and videographers who want a lighting solution that can conform to every shooting situation. It’s called Spekular, and Spiffy is calling it “the Swiss army knife of LED lighting.”

Spekular consists of four ultra-bright, color-accurate LED strips that can be arranged in whatever configuration suits your shooting needs. Each of the four LED lights boasts a dimmable, flicker-free 14.5 watts of power (~150W halogen) with color accuracy guaranteed (94+ CRI and 96+ TLCI).

Here’s a quick intro video so you can see the lights in action:

And here are a few sample shots, all captured with the Spekular arranged in one of its various configurations (Note: the star shape requires an additional four-light ‘expansion kit’ and star adapter):

Spiffy is branding the Spekular as ‘the only light you need,’ and while we’re always a bit skeptical of grand claims, the modular design and attention to technical detail certainly make it a unique lighting option.

You can find out more about Spekular on the Spiffy Gear website, where you can order the standard 4-light kit for $650, the 4-light extension for $130, a battery adapter (in case the power goes) also for $130, and that Star Adapter for, you guessed it, $130.

Press Release

Spekular from Spiffy Gear is the Swiss army knife of LED lighting for photo and video.

SUMMARY: Spekular is a modular LED lighting system for videographers and photographers. It is a collection of light bars with high brightness and unparalelled color accuracy. The system drastically reduces the number of accessories needed to create professional lighting setups.

31 August 2017 – Today, Spiffy Gear launches the $650 Spekular, a flexible, modular LED lighting system for videographers and photographers. Spekular adapts → continue…

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