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10 Movie Directors Who Have Great Taste In Music

By Cristian Mois

Music has always been an important part of film, and there’s plenty of movies that make great use of their musical scores or certain song selections for key scenes. However, some directors manage to marry music and film so well that they’re widely recognized for the music they use in films just as much as for the movies themselves.

There are some directors who have curated very fine soundtracks for their films (Sofia Coppola in “Lost in Translation,” Nicolas Winding Refn in “Drive,” Behn Zeitlin in “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” Paul Thomas Anderson in “Phantom Thread,” etc.), but this list takes a look at some of the directors who have repeatedly proven their impeccable taste in music throughout their film careers.

Directors who have looked at ways of integrating music within their films as a supporting player or as a narrative device and not as a background prop.

10. Lars von Trier

Lars von Trier’s work has always been quite polarizing, drawing mixed reception from critics and fans alike, mostly due to his difficult themes. But the Danish director should be noted for his creative use of music in some of his most well-known works.

“Dancer in the Dark” is still talked about today, albeit more due to the tumultuous collaboration between von Trier and Björk, who starred in the movie and vowed to never act again following that experience.

Nevertheless, their collaboration yielded not only a powerful film, but an inventive soundtrack as well. “Selmasongs,” the accompanying soundtrack album written by Björk, von Trier, Mark Bell and Sjón, was praised for how well it combined Björk’s unique vision to her character’s suffering, and it ultimately led to an Oscar nomination for the song “I’ve Seen It All.”

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