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10 Movie Directors Who Make The Most Entertaining Movies

By Allan Khumalo

There’s a common misconception that the most entertaining movies are the ones with multimillion-dollar action sequences or heightened comedic situations. Of course, cinephiles will find even the most depressing or obscure movies entertaining. After all, that’s what movies are all about.

Yet certain directors have the natural ability to be constantly entertaining no matter what story they decide to take on. They can just as easily get you excited shooting an action-filled chase sequence as they can showing two characters exchanging dialogue over a cup of coffee.

Whenever you sit down to watch a movie by the following directors, you’re guaranteed a good time, even if the overall story isn’t exactly sunflowers and sunny skies.

10. Edgar Wright


It’s surprising that Edgar Wright hasn’t helmed a $100 million plus blockbuster extravaganza. He came close with Marvels “Ant-Man,” which quickly turned sour when he wasn’t willing to conform to their checklist.

A real shame considering Wright’s “Ant-Man” would’ve been an interesting and unique endeavor to see for Marvel. Compared to their now all too similar formula, Wright could’ve brought something fresh to the franchise. But Marvel does follow its own particular checklist for a reason.

Wright definitely has the sensibilities to make such films, but like the greatest auteurs of today, he’s unwilling to compromise any part of his style for anyone. Which is a joy, because he makes some of the most entertaining films which are even more special because he follows his own rules and unique stories.

Arriving on the scene with his genre-hopping co-writing with Simon Pegg the “Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy” (or “The Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy,” depending on which side of the Atlantic you’re from), Wright firmly established himself as one of the most entertaining directors in eons. Bursting with British charm and American pop culture influences, → continue…

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