Seattle Freeway Park

Gallery: photographing parkour with the Sony a9

Photo by Carey Rose

Seattle’s Freeway Park is a labyrinth of concrete and greenery that spans the width of the I-5 interstate highway in the heart of downtown. In addition to being an aesthetically interesting pedestrian path from the Washington State Convention Center to Seattle’s First Hill neighborhood, it turns out that the park is incredibly well-suited to parkour.

So when Sony offered DPReview a chance to photograph some of these athletes in our own backyard using their a9 full-frame mirrorless camera, we jumped at the opportunity. Since we’ve already completed our full review and have covered almost every aspect of the camera in some detail, it should come as no surprise that we didn’t really have any epiphanies regarding the a9, but we did come away with some images we liked.

Photo by Dan Bracaglia

Within the in-depth pages of our full review (and we won’t be offended if you haven’t read it front-to-back), we go through the a9’s autofocus system in some detail: we found what works great, what still needs some work, and our preferred setups for different shooting scenarios.

See how the Sony a9’s autofocus fares with frisbee and cycling

So in taking what we learned from our extensive testing, we set our cameras to continuous autofocus and principally used two autofocus area modes – Lock-On AF: Flexible Spot, and Wide.

On the Sony a9, ‘Wide’ AF area mode basically leaves it up to the camera to determine your subject and begin tracking with its 693 AF points. Out of every mode, it is by far the fastest to acquire a subject and begin tracking, though there is a caveat; the camera doesn’t always pick the subject → continue…

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