Saul Bass

The 15 Best End Credits Scenes of All Time

By Raphael Costa

The ending credits are the most overlooked aspect of a movie. The vast majority of people leave during them, unless it’s a Marvel movie, in which case they are barely paying attention, anxiously waiting for the post-credits scene.

Film critics always say it is important to stay during the credits, even if there’s no “reward” at the end of it, just to acknowledge the hard work of the hundreds of people who worked on the movie.

It is, indeed, important to honor the work of the cast and crew, but it is also understandable that people wouldn’t want to stay, since in most cases the credits are a simple, bland black screen with white letters running through it.

Fortunately, across the history of cinema, great directors have found interesting and creative ways of subverting that tradition, creating ending credits that capture the atmosphere of the movie, let you spend more time with the characters, or even contribute to the audience’s full understanding of the story.

15. Around the World in 80 Days

“Around the World in 80 Days” is far from a classic. Although it won the Oscar for Best Picture, it is now mostly forgotten and almost rarely spoken of anymore, unless in rankings of Best Picture winners, where it usually lands toward the bottom. But that doesn’t mean the movie is without merits, one of which being its closing credits.

Designed by the legendary Saul Bass, the film ends with an animation recapping the events we just saw that, in typical Bass fashion, is both very simple and extremely sophisticated. Blending different styles of animation from Victorian to Oriental, Bass creates caricatures that are both funny and beautiful, completely capturing the tone of the film, not to mention the immense visual creativity employed here, using smart and silly symbols → continue…

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