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DJI Mavic Pro 3D Printed Camera Mount – Mount 360 Cams, Smartphones or Lights

By Jakub Han

The DJI Mavic Pro drone is a great product straight out of the box, and is even capable of carrying some extra payload. With this custom DJI Mavic Pro 3D printed camera mount, you can rig up the drone with additional devices, such as 360 cameras, a smartphone with a thermal camera or lights.

DJi Mavic Pro equipped with two Samsung Gear 360 2017 cameras. Photo credit: Jean-Marie Cannie

Belgium-based hobby videographer and drone enthusiast Jean-Marie Cannie has designed a 3D printed custom camera mounts for the DJI Mavic Pro drone. Right now there are two type of mounts available: a lower one to fit the belly of the Mavic, and an upper mount to be used on Mavic’s back.

Flying thermal camera. Photo credit: Jean-Marie Cannie

Using the DJI Mavic Pro 3D Printed Camera Mount

One great example of using these mounts is to create a flying 360 camera with the Mavic Pro. By using one 360 camera mounted on top and one on the bottom of the drone, you can create the illusion of a flying 360 camera by cropping the Mavic out of the picture, though stitching both images will need a bit of effort to make it look good. Here is a test video of that setup from the mount creator himself:

Another cool example is rigging up the Mavic with a smartphone equipped with the Flir One thermal camera. The result is a cheap flying thermal camera, which can have many cool practical uses and extends the usability of the thermal camera itself. Here is a short test video:

There are more possible uses of the mounts, such as mounting other lightweight action cameras. The setup has already been tested with GoPro 5 Session and, according → continue…

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