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Blade Runner 2049 review (2D and 3D versions)

By Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

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Comment on the forum Blade Runner 2049 cinematographer Roger Deakins has been quoted in the clickbait media (basically every website now) saying “don’t see the 3D version”! Actually rather than slamming the 3D version, all he did was state a preference for the 2D version! In most cinemas the 3D version was the only one available, be it on a standard size screen or IMAX. This was the case in Berlin at Sony’s very own state of the art cinema, so I watched the film twice – the first time in 3D and the second time in 2D in a …

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Blade Runner 2049 is a cinematic masterpiece – Here’s why

By (Neil Oseman)

Blade Runner 2049 is a cinematic masterpiece - Here's why

35 years after the original, Blade Runner 2049 hit cinemas last week to widespread critical acclaim. While director Denis Villeneuve has received his fair share of praise, many have highlighted the exceptional work of cinematographer Roger Deakins, suggesting it may finally win the 13-times-nominated DP an Oscar. Neil Oseman takes a look at the photographic style Deakins employed for the sci-fi sequel and how it plays into the movie’s themes.

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    Watch: Roger Deakins on Personal Connection through Cinematography

    By Filmmaker Staff

    To supplement Matt Mulcahey’s interview with Roger Deakins about shooting Blade Runner 2049, check out ARRI’s interview with the legendary DP. He starts with a few general anecdotes, notes that he’s not lit the way he’d light a scene, and tells a story about lighting a scene in Sicario with just a lighter, among other highlights. → continue…

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    Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC, CBE – “The Filmmaker’s View”

    By Matthew Allard ACS

    Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC, CBE talked to ARRI for their series “The Filmmaker’s View”. Deakins is a long time Arri user and it’s always fascinating to listen to him talk.…

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    Celebrate 100 Years of ARRI with Exclusive Videos of Wim Wenders, Ang Lee, Reed Morano & More

    By Daron James

    Watch how a company in Munich changed they way filmmakers treat story.

    ARRI is celebrating its 100th anniversary this month, and it’s staggering to think the company has been around for a century. Best known for its camera technology, many of the renowned cinematographers–Laszlo Kovacs, Roger Deakins, Emmanuel Lubezki, Seamus McGarvey, Janusz Kaminski–who we study and write about on No Film School look to the German brand for visual storytelling tools.

    Founded in September 1917 by two teenaged filmmakers, August Arnold and Robert Richter, ARRI derived from using the first two letters of their surnames. When they weren’t shooting their own films, they started manufacturing and renting out their own gear as well as developing film in labs. Then in 1924, the KINNARRI 35 was born, a hand-cranked camera that used 100 feet of 35mm film. ARRI also had its hands in lighting very early on, making mobile lighting that same year.

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