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Two Cameras with Unprecedented Resolution & New York Film Fest Must-Sees [PODCAST]

By Liz Nord

This episode of Indie Film Weekly unveils bigger sensors on land and in the air, and Hollywood’s worst kept secret.

Jon Fusco and yours truly, Liz Nord discuss the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse accusations and what they mean for indie film, share highlights from our New York Film Festival coverage including conversations with Richard Linklater and Sean Baker, and ponder what exactly is the future of storytelling. In gear news, RED has finally released its Monstro sensor and DJI has released its highest resolution drone cinema camera yet. DP Open Soffer joins us to answer an Ask No Film School question about how to shoot dialog scenes.

As always, the show also brings news you can use about gear, upcoming grant and festival deadlines, this week’s indie film releases, industry wisdom, and other notable things you might have missed while you were busy making films.

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NYFF 2017: Last Flag Flying

By Vadim Rizov

Until relatively recently, Richard Linklater’s hopscotching across genres and budgetary tiers had him generally pegged as an unpredictable magpie whose next move would never be clear; now, certain circles of online discourse have him basically pegged as the alpha male celebrator of white patriarchy (I did my song and dance on this a while ago, no reprise necessary). Setting aside those pejoratively-described constants, I think it’s true that starting with Before Midnight (the exact pivot point is arguable) the mandatory elements of A Film By Richard Linklater have become pretty fixed (put another way, I certainly don’t expect faithful filmings of mediocre plays […] → continue…

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