Richard Linklater

Top 10 Failed Oscar-Bait Movies of 2017

By Cara McWilliam-Richardson

There used to be a time when you could spot a Best Picture nominee from a mile off. Big studios, big names and big dramas were usually a shoe in, and yet in recent years the Academy’s nominations have been far harder to predict.

Last year a low budget independent drama took home the big prize. And so it looks as though the Academy is diversifying, and it may well be time for the studios to reconsider their big bets.

With that in mind there are an excess of films that didn’t meet the expectations of their initial hype and failed to catch the attention of the Academy. Whether they didn’t meet the mark critically, financially or just didn’t capture the voters’ imaginations, the following films had all the makings of an Oscar nominee but just didn’t gain the all-important nomination.

10. Last Flag Flying (Directed by Richard Linklater)

Larry, Sal and Richard served together in the Vietnam War. Thirty years later they come together again, but this time it is to bury the son of Larry – a young Marine who has been killed in Iraq. The three friends decide to take the casket on a road trip along the coast to New Hampshire, where they relive their memories of fighting together and reminisce on the war that continues to shape their lives.

Last Flag Flying is based upon Darryl Ponicsan’s novel of the same name, and he and director Richard Linklater wrote the screenplay for the film together. Academy Award nominees Steve Carell, Laurence Fishburne and Bryan Cranston were cast and there were expectations that between the strong casting, Linklater’s vision and the film’s current subject matter, Last Flag Flying would catch the attention of the Academy. The film had its premiere at the 2017 New York → continue…

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