Red Weapon

The FIRST TEN Things you NEED to Buy for Filmmaking

By Sareesh

What could be so important you need to buy right now? This is my advice for filmmakers looking to make short films or feature films:

Are you feeling the urge to spend money? Like those late night TV promos of some belt that will miraculously melt away body fat. You want it so bad you’ll believe anything. I bought it too! Though technically it did lighten my wallet so overall I did lose weight.

Seriously, what ten things could be so important to filmmaking you need to buy them right now?

1. Your Stupid Camera

Which camera should you buy? What house should you buy? What should you eat? Who knows? Look around, you’ll find cameras in all sorts of price ranges, sizes and even colors. They exist because someone is buying them.

Also, look at those YouTube videos comparing the iPhone to a Red camera or whatever combination. Yet, the stingy studio executives still insist on shooting with Arri Alexas. That’s money they could spend on an expensive vacation in Paris. Yet they grudingly sign the check. What do they know that you don’t? After all, hasn’t it been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the iphone is as good as a Red Weapon, on YouTube? The thing they know that you don’t, is that they know what they want.

Say you want to advise a budding chef. What knife should I buy? And someone on the Internet makes a video comparing a chef’s knife to a shaving blade. Both can cut, so you can convince a beginner a shaving blade is a must-have item for a chef with a full-grown beard, right?

Before you put money down on a camera, think about what you want, as specifically as you can. And no, I want to make a movie, is not specific enough. Think about → continue…

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