Understanding ProRes RAW – Is it ProRes or is it RAW?

By Ben Allan ACS CSI

Have you ever tried to solve a small problem only to discover you’ve accidentally solved a much bigger one as → continue…

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8Sinn Monitor Holder – Mount your Monitor/Recorder in Style

By Olaf von Voss

8Sinn Monitor Holder

As a manufacturer of camera accessories, coming up with clever ideas that make camera operator lifes a little easier is daily business for 8Sinn. And this is exactly what the 8Sinn Monitor Holder is all about.

It seems to be the golden age of monitor/recorders once again. Over time, external recorders were the weapon of choice for many indie shooters. These devices were capable of unlocking the full potential of modern video cameras. Whether it’s recording 10 Bit through the SDI out of an 8 Bit camera or recording RAW sensor data from a 10 Bit (internal recording) camera, outboard monitors/recorders got you covered.

But how to mount such a device to your camera in style? Well, that’s where the aformentioned manufacturers of handy accessories come in. Meet the 8Sinn Monitor Holder.

8Sinn Monitor Holder

This little device is actually quite simple, yet very handy. It cosists of two arms, a tool-free 1/4“ screw and a mounting thumb screw. The arm which mounts to the monitor/recorder rotates 180 degrees.

The 8Sinn Monitor Holder is designed to be mounted to the camera itself via a standard NATO rail. That way it’s very versatile and you can attach orcdetach it very quickly to your rig.

the whole thing is made of alluminum alloy which is sturdy and lightweight. To me, this a very handy device which renders weird magic arm constructions obselete while maintaining a small footprint on your rig.

8Sinn Monitor Holder
Since the 8Sinn Monitor Holder is such a straightforward accessorie it seems to be a no brainer to me. You have to make sure if your rig offers the necessary real estate for → continue…

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