Ramon Lull

10 Great Movies From This Century You May Have Missed

By Nikola Gocić

In this era of hyper-production and hyper-consumption, it should come as no surprise that some, or rather, many pieces of cinema remain underseen, for better or worse. The hype usually does the trick, so we get the movies with the excessive amounts of attention and not the least affected by the negative coverage, and we get the movies with little to no attention which often happen to be well-hidden gems (or pearls, at least).

There are other factors as well, but let’s leave them aside for now and get to the main course which is ten films you will probably like if you have a penchant for something other than the usual fare (and you don’t mind the eclecticism).

1. Love Torn in a Dream (Raúl Ruiz, 2000)

A masterwork of deliberately convoluted storytelling and shifting identities, “Love Torn in a Dream (Combat d’amour en songe)” bears all the trademarks of the great Chilean dream weaver, from the quirky “intellectual games” to intriguing visual flourishes which simultaneously create and dispel the illusion of cinematic reality.

Explicitly referencing Ramon Lull’s “ars combinatoria”, the film opens in a self-conscious fashion, with the mallet coming through the fourth wall. A representative of the Ministry of Culture, Dr. Alvaro Telles Antunes (João Bénard da Costa in a cameo role), welcomes the cast at a ceremony organized by the producer Paulo Branco and the Portuguese authorities.

“After an outdoor lunch”, as the narrator says, the director’s envoy (Ruiz is allegedly visiting pope, asking for blessing) explains that there will be nine stories interweaving and “interrupting” each other: “The Meditations”, “The Robber Mirror”, “The Healing Painting”, “The Twenty Two Rings”, “The Discussion”, “The Pirate’s Treasure”, “The Prophetic Site”, “The Castle of Dreams” and “The Traveling Companion”.

What complicates the narrative structure is the fact that these → continue…

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