iMac Pro Starts Shipping – a Beast for the Pros (from $4999 up to $13,199)

By Yossy Mendelovich

It’s out today! Apple has been teasing us about its first dedicated pro machine since the Mac Pro was introduced in 2010. A solid 7+ years. Let’s see what the iMac Pro holds for us pro filmmakers.

The iMac Pro grants editors to edit 8K RED video, H.264 4K drone footage, 6K 3D VR content or 50 Megapixel RAW stills, with a 200-300% increase in performance in almost every professional application.

It really seems like after all the criticism from the professional editing community saying that Apple stopped innovating for them while only focusing on the iPhone, Apple has been listening to create this killer machine.

However, first it must be noted that that this machine is not upgradable. You can’t upgrade the hardware at all since it’s all sealed. You can’t access the motherboard or any components, which is unusual for a computer dedicated for the professional community out there. On the standard iMac it was still possible to upgrade the RAM, but not anymore – so you have to chose wisely when you order this machine.

The performance

The iMac Pro was made for heavy duty and demanding tasks like rendering and editing high-resolution footage. Backed with 128 GM of RAM (!) sounds a bit crazy, but applications like FCPX will eat it up and use all of it without a problem, allowing editors to playback 8K raw from a RED camera and of course deliver their results much faster.

As stated by Apple: “With Xeon processors up to 18 cores, up to 22 Teraflops of graphics performance, and a brilliant 27-inch Retina 5K display, iMac Pro is the fastest, most powerful Mac ever made. iMac Pro delivers incredible compute power for real-time 3D rendering, immersive VR, intensive developer → continue…

From:: Cinema 5d