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Irix announces 100mm filter system for wide angle lenses

Lens manufacturer Irix announced earlier today that it plans to release a filter holder and a collection of filters in 100x100mm and 100x150mm sizes—a system designed especially to fit its 15mm F2.4 lens. The holder accepts a special bayonet mount adapter to attach to the front of the 15mm lens, while a range of additional screw thread adapters will allow the holder to be used with other lenses.

The Irix Edge 100 system will consist of a dual slot holder that the company claims is the lightest in its class. The holder is made from ‘aluminium alloy’ and features a rotating joint to allow easy positioning of graduated filters and polarisers.

Irix says that the holder, called the IFH-100, has a profile that’s slim enough to avoid mechanical vignetting even when two filters are held in front of the 15mm lens, and that a layer of black velvet covering the forward surfaces prevents light leak during long exposures.

The filter system includes 2mm-thick filters in the 100x100mm and 100x150mm sizes—to begin with the company will launch mostly NDs, ND grads and a polarizer, but has plans to offer a filter that cuts the effect of pollution. The holder accepts filters from other systems as well, and the company plans to offer adapter rings for lenses with threads of between 67mm and 82mm. Irix already has a series of circular screw-in filters under the Edge brand.

Price and availability have yet to be announced. For more information visit the Irix website.

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Irix presents its Edge 100 filter system

The TH Swiss company would like to announce the expansion of its range of Irix accessories with the Edge 100 series filter system. Among new products, there will be a versatile → continue…

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Zeiss reveals Milvus 25mm F1.4 lens, the 11th in the manual-focus family

Zeiss has added a new wide-angle lens to its Milvus line of full-frame, manual focus lenses for Nikon and Canon DSLRs. The new Milvus 25mm F1.4 is now the fourth widest lens in the family—which ranges from 15mm to 135mm—and brings the total number to Milvus lenses to 11, four of which boast fast F1.4 apertures.

According to Zeiss, the Milvus 25mm F1.4 is “suitable primarily for landscape and architecture photography, and for journalistic shots and videos” thanks to its fast aperture and a new optical design that uses 15 elements in 13 groups to deliver “high-contrast photos and a harmonious bokeh.” They also claim “hardly any color fringes,” even when you’re shooting with the lens wide-open.

Like the entire Milvus line, the new 25mm F1.4 is manual focus only, and features a robust all-metal housing as well as ‘special seals’ for protection against dust and splashes.

The new Milvus 25mm F1.4 will be available starting November 2nd for 2,400 Euros (including tax) or $2,400 USD. To learn more about this lens or the entire Milvus line, head over to the Zeiss website by clicking here.

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ZEISS Unveils High-Speed DSLR Lens: ZEISS Milvus 1.4/25

With its new wide-angle focal length, the ZEISS Milvus family now boasts eleven lenses for single-lens reflex cameras, including four focal lengths with a maximum aperture of 1.4, which are perfect for videographers too.

OBERKOCHEN/Germany, 2017-10-18.

The ZEISS Milvus 1.4/25 is the latest focal length to be added to ZEISS’s largest range of lenses for full-frame single-lens reflex cameras. The lens, which was developed for the DSLR systems from Canon and Nikon is suitable primarily for landscape and architecture photography, and for journalistic shots and videos. “The completely new optical design ensures superior performance across the entire image field,” says Christophe Casenave, Product Manager → continue…

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Leica is resurrecting the soft-focus Thambar 90mm F2.2 portrait lens from 1935

Leica is getting into the lens resurrection game, announcing earlier today that it will bring back the Thambar-M 1:2.2/90: a portrait lens from 1935 that’s famous for exceptional spherical aberration that creates extremely soft images. The Thambar-M will be an accurate reproduction of the original lens, only this time around in the M mount instead of the L screw mount.

The lens features a 20-bladed iris that produces round, out-of-focus highlights, and only four elements arranged in three groups. Its softness comes about through uncorrected spherical aberrations that are more obvious when the lens is used wide open, and which can be emphasized via the use of an included centre spot filter that prevents axial light passing through the construction.

With the light from the centre of the lens blocked, the majority of image recording light comes from the edges where the aberration is at its strongest.

Without the centre spot filter the lens is still soft, but becomes sharper as the aperture is closed and the aberration subsides. The barrel of the Thambar has twin aperture markings that show in white the reduced aperture values when the spot filter is used, as well as the recommended range of apertures that can be used with the filter in place.

Originally made only in a run of 3,000 in 1935, this new version will be much more widely available starting mid-November, and will cost you £5095/$6495. For more information see the Leica website, or read this article on the Leica blog.

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Leica Camera AG presents a modern renaissance of the classic lens – the Leica Thambar-M 1:2.2/90

A legend reborn: following the Leica Summaron-M 1:5.6/28, Leica Camera AG has further expanded its lens portfolio with the Thambar-M 1:2.2/90, the modern renaissance of another classic lens. Just like its namesake from 1935, the → continue…

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Nokia pulls the plug on the Ozo VR camera, will lay off up to 310 employees

Nokia Technologies has announced that it will be reducing its investments in VR due to “slower-than-expected development of the VR market,” and this means putting an end to its Ozo VR camera. While Nokia will fulfill its commitments to customers who have already purchased the camera, the company explains that it will not develop future versions of Ozo.

Nokia revealed the change of plans in a statement yesterday, in which the company also detailed a business restructuring plan that includes laying off up to 310 employees—a significant percentage of Nokia Technologies’ 1,090 worker base. These layoffs will primarily happen in the US, UK and Finland, and are part of a shift towards “digital health and brand and technology licensing.”

Presently, the Ozo+ camera is still listed as available in Nokia’s online store for $25,000 USD.

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Nokia focuses on patent, brand and technology licensing and targets faster growth in digital health with sharpened strategy for Nokia Technologies

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  • Increased focus on digital health and brand and technology licensing balanced with optimized investments in virtual reality
  • Planned changes expected to impact Nokia Technologies employees mainly in Finland, the US and the UK
  • Nokia’s successful patent licensing business is not in scope of planned changes

October 10, 2017

Espoo, Finland – Nokia today announced plans to sharpen the focus of Nokia Technologies on digital health, and accelerate growth in that market, while optimizing investments in virtual reality (VR). Nokia Technologies will also focus on growing brand and technology licensing while leaving its successful patent licensing business untouched.

The shift deepens Nokia’s commitment to fully leverage its digital health portfolio acquired through the purchase of Withings in 2016. Through a more focused, more agile digital health business, Nokia aims to have larger impact with consumers and the medical community.

In digital media, the → continue…

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Zeiss offering €12,000 in lenses and €3,000 trip in annual photo contest

Photo by the 2017 winner, Kevin Faingnaert

German optics manufacturer Zeiss has opened its annual photography competition for entries, and this year it will be offering lenses to the value of €12,000 for the best collection of images. The winning photographer will also get €3,000 to spend on travel for a photography-related project.

Now in its third year, the Zeiss Awards partner with the Sony World Photography Awards. Winners get to go to the ceremony in London, and will have their work exhibited alongside the SWPA winners in the finalists show.

The theme this year is ‘Seeing Beyond – Untold Stories‘ and entrants are expected to submit between five and ten images that operate as a single series, along with a short description of the project.

The Brief:

Seeing Beyond – Untold Stories

Photographers are again asked to look beyond the ordinary and everyday to present judges with strong series of 5-10 images that capture an ‘untold story’. The brief is intended to be understood in its broadest sense – the work could explore a familiar theme told from a different perspective or address an issue that has previously had little attention. All forms of photography are welcome, but judges are specifically looking for series of works that have a strong narrative. The ‘untold story’ the photographer is addressing must be visually clear in the submitted image.

The competition is free to enter, and you have until February 6th, 2018 to do so. For more information, including terms and conditions, see the Zeiss Photography Awards website.

Press Release

ZEISS Photography Award

Photographers from all over the world are invited to submit a photo series by 6 February 2018 in response to the topic “Seeing Beyond – Untold Stories”.

The third round of the ZEISS Photography Award is underway – and ambitious → continue…

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Metabones’ Devil’s Speed Booster turns Pentax Q cameras into ‘monster low-light machines’

Metabones—the company known for its lens adapters and focal reducing Speed Boosters—has released a new Speed Booster that ought to have Pentax Q users salivating a bit. It’s called the Q666 0.5x ‘Devils Speed Booster’, because it allows Pentax Q owners to mount Nikon F and G lenses and produce a working aperture of f/0.666 when a lens with an f/1.2 aperture is used wide open.

The booster has a magnification of 0.5x and produces a 2.8x crop factor when used with the Q and Q10, and a 2.3x factor with the Q7 and Q-S1.

Metabones has used six elements in four groups inside this new Speed Booster, and has incorporated what it calls a ‘long-throw clickless aperture ring’ for G lenses that has eight marked positions. The adapter is compatible with all Nikkor and Nikon-mount lenses except the Nikkor 2.1cm f/4 and the 20mm f/2.8 AI-S.

The idea for the adapter was launched in August, but this is the first version to emerge. Metabones promises one in a Pentax K mount as well.

The Metabones Nikon G to Pentax Q Speed Booster Q666 0.50x costs $490. For more information, visit the Metabones website.

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Metabones Devil’s Speed Booster Q666 0.50x

Caldwell Photographic Inc. and Metabones® is pleased to announce the Speed Booster Q666, a.k.a. “The Devil’s Speed Booster”, exclusively for Pentax Q series cameras. With its 0.5x magnification and world-record f/0.666 maximum speed it is crazy wicked fast. So make a deal with the devil today and turn your Pentax Q with its back-illuminated sensor into a monster low-light machine unlike anything ever seen in photography. Attach an f/1.2 lens and stop down a little to see how Stanley Kubrick made do with f/0.7 for filming those famous → continue…

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Samyang unveils 35mm F1.4 autofocus lens for Sony full-frame mirrorless

Samyang has officially unveiled its fourth autofocus lens for Sony FE mount cameras: the long-rumored Samyang AF 35mm F1.4 FE. The new 35mm joins Samyang’s three other AF lenses—the AF 14mm f/2.8 FE, AF 35mm f/2.8 FE and AF 50mm f/1.4 FE—and offers Sony full-frame mirrorless shooters yet another affordable (and fast) prime to shoot with.

As with all previous Samyang autofocus FE lenses, the company claims that they offer exceptional image quality across the whole image field.

This particular lens features 11 lens elements in 9 groups, including 2 aspherical lenses and 2 high-refractive lenses. At its core is a 9 (circular) blade aperture that opens up all the way to F1.4, and a Linear Super Sonic Motor promises “fast, precise and quiet autofocus performance.”

The lens is scheduled to ship in November at a suggested retail price of £600 and €650, which should put US pricing around $750. To learn more about the new lens, head over to the Samyang website.

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Samyang Announces the Fourth Autofocus Lens – AF 35mm F1.4 FE

October 10th, 2017, Seoul, South Korea – Global optics brand, Samyang Optics ( is pleased to announce the release of their fourth autofocus lens: AF 35mm F1.4 FE. The bright F1.4 aperture and absolute resolution turn every moment into artwork. This lens now expands Samyang’s autofocus lens line-up to four which includes three existing autofocus lenses, AF 14mm F2.8 FE, AF 35mm F2.8 FE and AF 50mm F1.4 FE.

Aim High, Create Artwork

This new AF 35mm F1.4 FE works in harmony with full frame mirrorless cameras in Sony E mount such as Sony α7 or α9 series. It is designed to appeal to enthusiasts and professionals who are ready to take the next step → continue…

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Manfrotto unveils Element Carbon entry-level carbon fibre tripod range

Popular tripod and accessory maker Manfrotto has just revealed a new range of entry-level carbon fibre tripods that it hopes will attract photographers looking for good quality gear at a slightly more affordable price. The two new Element Carbon tripods are aimed at travel photographers and come in two sizes with payload recommendations of 4kg/8.82lb and 8kg/17.64lb.

The three-position carbon fibre legs feature twist locks, and the larger of the two has a detachable leg that can be fitted to the centre column to form a full-sized monopod. The ball-and-socket heads that come with the legs are made from aluminum and use an Arca-style quick release plate.

The maximum height of the Manfrotto Element Carbon tripods is 143cm/56.3in for the small version and 164cm/64.57in for the large one, and they weigh 1050g/2.3lb and 1400g/3.08lb, respectively. The new tripods will be priced at £175 and £200—US pricing has yet to be released. For more information, visit the Manfrotto website.

Press Release


Fast Setup. Perfect shot.

  • Smart traveller tripods for photographers who want to learn, experiment and travel free
  • Lightweight on your shoulders, stable on the ground.
  • Essential design ensures instant set up for an enjoyable shooting experience

Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, imaging equipment and accessories industry, presents Manfrotto Element Carbon. The Manfrotto Element Carbon tripods are the perfect fit for travel photographers who are just starting out and enthusiasts.

The two new Element Carbon traveller tripods are reliable, lightweight and easy to carry. Both feature a compact and sturdy carbon fibre construction that makes them strong but still very portable. The three leg-angle positions mean they are highly versatile so they are perfect for experimenting with all kinds of creative shots. The twist lock mechanism enables photographers to get into the right position → continue…

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Billingham introduces the tiny ‘72’ for premium compacts and small mirrorless kits

Premium British bag manufacturer Billingham has launched a new small shoulder bag called the Billingham 72, aimed at users of fixed lens premium cameras and those with small mirrorless bodies. The Billingham 72 features a new padding design that puts a double layer of high-density foam all around the body of the bag in a continuous form that leaves no spaces between the sides and the base.

Traditional Billingham canvas or FibreNyte finishes are available, both of which are weather, water and heat resistant for the entire life of the bag. All fittings are made from leather and brass, and a quick release catch allows easy access to the cover whether the bag is over the shoulder or attached to your belt.

The bag is available in a choice of five color combinations that will go on sale in the UK tomorrow for £100. Sales in the USA are expected to begin after Christmas.

For more information visit the Billingham website.

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Small and perfectly formed. Billingham announces the ‘72′

High quality, lightweight, compact bag with dense foam padding offers outstanding protection for fixed prime lens and small system cameras

Designed for owners of fixed prime lens cameras and the growing range of small mirrorless and compact systems, Billingham has today announced the Billingham 72. The new, high quality, lightweight bag will be available to view and order for the first time at the Digital Splash 17 exhibition in Liverpool, 7-8 October.

The Billingham 72 will come in five colour combinations and will cost £100 inc. VAT:

  • Sage FibreNyte & Chocolate Leather
  • Khaki Canvas & Tan Leather
  • Burgundy Canvas & Chocolate Leather
  • Black Canvas & Tan Leather
  • Black FibreNyte & Black Leather

At 150 x 130 x 190mm (WxDxH), the Billingham 72 is the ideal → continue…

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RED unveils Monstro 8K VV full-frame sensor with 17+ stops of dynamic range

RED has just announced its new Monstro 8K VV full-frame sensor for Weapon cameras. The device features a 35.4MP 40.96mm x 21.60mm sensor and is able to record at a full 8K/60fps resolution. RED explains that the Monstro 8K VV replaces its existing DRAGON 8K VV sensor, and that anyone who has ordered the DRAGON 8K VV will be offered the Monstro as of October 5th.

The Monstro 8K VV sensor has full support for RED’s IPP2 image processing pipeline, as well as an “unprecedented dynamic range [of 17+ stops] and breathtaking color accuracy,” according to RED President Jarred Land. When coupled with the Weapon 8K VV, the device can simultaneously record Redcode RAW and either Avid DNxHD/HR or Apple ProRes, likewise offering data speeds up to 300MB/s. The sensor’s full technical spec sheet is insane, and available for your viewing pleasure here.

Existing carbon fiber Weapon customers have the option of upgrading for $29,500, while the new Weapon with the full-frame Monstro sensor is priced at $79,500. New orders for the device will start shipping to customers in early 2018.

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Today RED announced a new cinematic Full Frame sensor for WEAPON cameras, MONSTRO™ 8K VV. MONSTRO is an evolutionary step beyond the RED DRAGON 8K VV sensor with improvements in image quality, including dynamic range and shadow detail.

This new camera and sensor combination, WEAPON 8K VV, offers Full Frame lens coverage, captures 8K full format motion at up to 60 fps, produces ultra-detailed 35.4 megapixel stills, and delivers incredibly fast data speeds of up to 300 MB/s. Like all of RED’s DSMC2 cameras, WEAPON shoots simultaneous REDCODE RAWand Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD/HR → continue…

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Manfrotto is teaming up with Sony to make accessories for Alpha series cameras

Manfrotto has announced that it will make accessories for Sony Alpha series cameras as part of a new partnership between the accessory giant and the camera maker. The collaboration was revealed at the Gitzo 100-year anniversary event held in Tokyo today, where Manfrotto explained that it will kick things off next year with a line of premium products made specifically for professionals using Sony’s Alpha cameras.

The first product released under this partnership will be a Manfrotto Befree tripod designed specifically for Sony’s Alpha cameras, which the company plans to show off at PhotoPlus in New York City next month. Following that, Manfrotto will make special versions of both Manfrotto and Gitzo tripods, video and photo heads, and plates. Finally, there will also be a special version of Manfrotto’s Digital Director.

To learn more, check out the press release below

Press Release


Market leaders will work together to produce a range of premium products targeted at the professional market

Tokyo, 28th September 2017Vitec Photographic, world leader in the photography and videography, imaging equipment and accessories industry has announced its collaboration with Sony, a leading manufacturer of audio, video, imaging, game, communications, key device and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. This agreement will consolidate both companies position as the innovation leaders in their respective sectors. The collaboration is announced on the occasion of Gitzo 100 years anniversary event in Tokyo, which represents the perfect moment for communicating the common values of innovation and premium quality.

“We are proud to announce the agreement with Sony”– states Marco Pezzana, CEO Vitec Group Photographic Division – “This collaboration sees our brands Manfrotto and Gitzo, leaders in the market of photo and video accessories, working side by side with the → continue…

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Intel’s 8th generation desktop CPUs can edit 4K 360-degree video 32% faster

Photo: Intel Corporation

Intel has just announced their next-gen (8th generation, to be exact) desktop CPUs. And while the new chips aren’t quite as exciting as the 8th gen laptop chips the company debuted in August, they still pack a performance punch that photo and video editors may want to pay attention to.

The 8th generation desktop chips come in the same three main flavors: Core i7, Core i5, and Core i3, except each of these has received a substantial performance boost “for gamers, content creators and overclockers who require premium performance.”

The top of the line i7-8700K starts at 3.7 GHz but can easily be overclocked to 4.7 GHz using Intel’s Turbo Boost 2.0 technology. This, along with some other improvements, allow the 6-core/12-thread chip to edit 4K, 360-degree videos up to 32% faster than the previous generation, and edit any ‘content’ up to 65% faster than a three-year old PC.

In addition to the top of the line i7, the 8th gen lineup also boasts the first ever 6-core i5 chip and 4-core i3 chip, which should definitely appeal to those of us who want to build a photo and video editing PC for a little less without sacrificing performance. Here’s an overview of the full lineup:

More details about the new chips are available on the Intel website and in the press release below. If you’re interested, the new processors will all be available starting October 5th at prices ranging from $117 for the base-model i3 to $359 for the powerhouse i7-8700K.

Press Release

Intel Unveils the 8th Gen Intel Core Processor Family for Desktop, Featuring Intel’s Best Gaming Processor Ever

Newest Processors Deliver Premium Performance, with a Boost in Frame Rate of up to 25% Gen over Gen

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