This Kickstarter wants to revive the Ihagee Elbaflex film camera in Nikon F-mount

Despite the gigantic volume of second hand film bodies in existence there remains, it seems, a demand for new 35mm SLRs with a retro feel. The latest is what the manufacturer is calling a remake of the Ihagee Elbaflex, which was the name for Exakta cameras sold in West Germany during the late sixties and early seventies. This remake, however, comes with a Nikon F mount.

The new model will have a fully mechanical shutter with speeds of 1/2sec to 1/500sec + B, and a single stroke wind-on crank. It will be fitted with a PC socket for flash, a hotshoe, and a flash sync speed of 1/60sec. The use of the Nikon mount obviously allows it to use old and modern lenses, though there’s no mention of the extent of the aperture coupling.

The camera doesn’t need batteries to operate as it has no built-in meter (the company says users can use an app on their phone instead), but there is an ISO dial around the rewind crank just in case.

The new camera is said to be the result of a collaboration between German and Ukrainian engineers, and the camera will be built in the Arsenal factory that made the Kiev cameras. The use of the Nikon lens mount is perhaps an echo of the Kiev 17 35mm film camera that also used the Nikon mount.

It’s hard to be certain what the new camera is actually based on as it uses a wooden grip and modern looking buttons and dials. The new manufacturers suggest it is an Exakta Varex llb, but it has none of the distinctive body styling, antique knobs or interchangeable pentaprism/wasitlevel finder—and the Varex llb was out of production by before the name → continue…

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YI 360 VR camera can livestream in 4K, supports Vive and Rift headsets

Chinese company YI has introduced a new consumer camera called the YI 360 VR. This model features a pair of cameras with 220-degree f/2.0 aspheric glass lenses, one on the front and another on the back, that simultaneously record footage. The resulting videos have up to a 4K/30fps resolution if stitched in-camera, while footage stitched using the camera’s PC app maxes out at 5.7K/30fps resolution.

The YI 360 VR is compatible with both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets. The camera supports recording 4K video for up to 60 minutes per charge, and you’ve got integrated dual-band WiFi for livestreaming in 4K.

Users are able to preview the footage in five modes: little planet, stretched view, panoramic, round, and dual VR. Here’s a quick introduction that gives you an idea of the kinds of shots you can expect from the YI 360 VR:

YI is offering its 360 VR camera through Microsoft’s website and its physical Microsoft Store US locations for $400 USD. Live demonstrations of the camera are offered in stores as well.

Press Release

YI Technology’s High Quality, Live 360 VR Camera Now Available at Microsoft Stores for $399

The pocket-sized camera is the first to shoot 360 degree video in 5.7K at 30fps, with instant in-device stitching for 4K footage and live-streaming.

SEATTLE, November 13, 2017YI Technology (YI), the leading provider of advanced, intelligent imaging technologies, announced availability today of its unique YI 360 VR camera (“YI 360”) at Microsoft Store locations in the U.S. and Microsoft.com. The YI 360 makes high-end virtual reality video easy and accessible to anyone who wants to create and share content.

With a simple, handheld and mountable camera design, the YI 360 VR is the first VR camera to → continue…

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Macphun has changed its name to ‘Skylum’ now that it’s not Mac-only

Macphun—the Mac-based software company that launched about seven years ago—branched out onto the Windows platform this year with the debut of its HDR and Luminar products for PC. In light of that, Macphun has decided to change its name to the platform-agnostic moniker Skylum, explaining in a blog post that, “we think that this name is a better fit, since we’re no longer a Mac-only developer.”

The company will fully transition to the Skylum name in early 2018.

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Sony also announced the new “Imaging Edge” Software Suite

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Sony also announced a new “Imaging Edge2 Software suite that will be soon available here: support.d-imaging.sony.co.jp/ie/en/. Sony writes: “New with the α7R III is a software suite called “Imaging Edge” that extends the creative capabilities of the entire shooting process – from pre-processing to post-processing. “Imaging Edge” provides three PC applications called ‘Remote’, ‘Viewer’ and ‘Edit’, […]

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