Paul Thomas Anderson

Paul Thomas Anderson Is Not the DP of ‘Phantom Thread’. No One Is.

By Christopher Boone

This is one phantom thread we were not expecting.

Earlier this year, news emerged that Paul Thomas Anderson was unable to collaborate with his longtime cinematographer Robert Elswit on Anderson’s latest project due to scheduling conflicts, and as a result, the writer/director would be assuming the role of DP on Phantom Thread. But now, according to Anderson, that’s simply not the case.

Phantom Thread has no cinematographer.

“I know how to point the camera in a good direction, and I know a few things. But I’m not a director of photography.”

Anderson clarified the situation in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly:

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10 Great Filmmakers Yet To Win The Best Director Oscar

By Allan Khumalo

Stanley Kubrick, Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, and many other great directors from yesteryear have controversially never won a best directing Oscar. How can some of the most influential and legendary directors in film history not be recognized for their directing talents by the Academy?

They’ve arguably superseded some of the peers who took home the statute instead of them. Cinephiles the world over know that the Oscars are not the only measure of achievement in the industry. In fact, those same directors belong to a special club of directors who’ve never won a directing Oscar, which is just as prestigious. Either way, their talents will always be acknowledged, even if it’s not at the Dolby Theatre.

Today, we have modern directors who are sure to have the same impact as those aforementioned directors. They are some of the best filmmakers working in the business today but for some reason or another, their work has not been recognized by the Academy as well.

It notoriously took years for the Academy to give Martin Scorsese his overdue Oscar, for a film some felt was a courtesy award than honest intention. At one point it looked like the Coen brothers would never win a directing Oscar, and then “No Country for Old Men” came along and changed all of that. So there’s no saying that these filmmakers won’t do the same and one day gets their moment in the Oscar sun.

1. Paul Thomas Anderson

There’s no doubt that P.T. Anderson is one of the greatest living filmmakers today. Occupying the space that Stanley Kubrick once enjoyed as a visionary director who makes challenging films that don’t have the mainstream success of his peers, but a respect that’s unparalleled.

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