X-Rite unveils i1Studio: An all-in-one spectrophotometer that can calibrate all your devices

X-Rite has launched the i1Studio, an all-in-one spectrophotometer designed to make it easy to color calibrate a variety of devices—including projectors, scanners, monitors, printers, and mobile devices. The spectrophotometer is joined by new i1Studio software, the ColorTRUE Mobile App for calibrating iOS devices, and the ColorChecker Calibration for Cameras, a standard 24-patch target.

The i1Studio offers dedicated profiling for the aforementioned devices, as well as Black & White prints. Module features include ambient light measurement, Flare Correct, adaptive profiling technology, support for several video standards including NTSC and PAL, multiple monitor profiling, and extended user controls over luminance, gamma, contrast ratio, and white point.

The device’s related software is based on the platform X-Rite used for its 1Profiler software, promising a “perfect balance” between controls and automation alongside what X-Rite describes as a “streamlined user experience.” ColorMunki Photo & Design customers are offered a complimentary i1Studio software update, as well.

The kit is available now from X-Rite for $490 USD.

Press Release

X-Rite Announces its New i1Studio for Expert Color Results from Capture-to-Print

All-In-One color control solution with unmatched versatility for cameras, scanners, displays, printers, projectors and iOS mobile devices

X-Rite Incorporated, the world leader in color management and measurement technologies announces the i1Studio, an all new start-to-finish color management solution that delivers expert results from capture through to print.

The i1Studio enables exceptional color accuracy for photographers, filmmakers and designers of all levels to achieve consistent and predictable results across their workflow – saving time and money. The package comprises the i1Studio all-in-one spectrophotometer, i1Studio software, X-Rite’s market leading ColorChecker camera calibration tools and the ColorTRUE mobile app.

“Photographers tell stories with their pictures. Along with light, color plays an essential role in telling these stories. We want to → continue…

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