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Nikon struggling to match Samsung NX500 stills quality with 2 year head start

By Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

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Comment on the forum It’s a comparison, that luckily for Nikon, none of their customers are making. Are Nikon falling behind on sensor technology? Too dependant on Sony? First the D500 came out with 2x crop 4K. Nobody really wanted that. Clearly the sensor limitations played a role in that silly decision. Then the Nikon D5 also had a bumpy start didn’t it? A 3 minute recording limit which was later lifted by a firmware update. I don’t know a single person who bought the D5 for video as the 1D X Mark II was so clearly more attractive. Now …

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Nikon releases limited edition camera posters for 100th anniversary

If a gunmetal grey Nikon D5 doesn’t really suit your fancy, and the thought of weighing down your stationary with a crystal Nikon effigy just doesn’t get the blood pumping, then maybe Nikon’s latest 100th anniversary product will hit the spot. Nikon has teamed up with portfolio and printing company Level.Press to create a series of limited edition camera posters that are actually pretty sweet.

There are 10 posters in all, each of them showcasing a different iconic Nikon camera model alongside the year the model was released as well as a small blurb about that model’s history. In order, they are the Nikon I, Nikon SP, Nikon F, the Calypso, Nikon Photomic FTn, Nikon F2 Photomic, Nikon F3, the Nikonos-V, the Nikonos-RS and the Nikon D1.

“These ten designs, each of an iconic Nikon camera and limited to just 100 first edition prints, will be printed on archival fine art paper, hand-numbered, embossed with a special seal and beautifully framed to your liking by Level Frames,” reads the product description on Level.Press. “Beautiful enough to adorn a home, office or studio, these 19.5″ x 19.5″ limited edition posters are the perfect gift for yourself or anyone passionate about photography and the simple, functional, classic design of these historic Nikon cameras.”

Perfect if you can afford them… that is. Given the high quality of the prints and the limited run, the framed posters sell for between $127 and $173 depending on how much matting you want. Not bad, when you really think about it, but quite a chunk of change for a poster.

Still, we like it a lot better than that crystal thing.

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