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2017 Roundup: Semi-Pro Interchangeable Lens Cameras

What do we mean by Semi-Pro?

Within this category, you’ll find some of the most capable cameras the industry has to offer. The Semi-Pro name doesn’t indicate that they’re below the consideration of professionals, though. Quite the opposite: it means that their price and performance makes them attractive to a range of enthusiasts, photographers who make some money from their shoots and professionals who earn their livelihood with their camera.

Due to the fuzzy line between semi-pro and pro, we’ve made the decision to not include very high-end full-frame (e.g. Nikon D5, Canon 1D X Mark II, Sony a9) and medium format (e.g. Pentax 645Z and Fujifilm GFX 50S) cameras in this roundup.

All of the cameras in this price range use full-frame sensors. And while most of them are DSLRs, there are also several mirrorless options as well. Simply put, there is something here to satisfy just about everyone who is willing to pony up the requisite funds. Read through to see what makes this segment so cut-throat, and what innovations are driving this tier forwards at a remarkable pace.

The models covered in this roundup are:

Read on to see which cameras we chose as best-in-class!

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Sony a9 offers powerful pro-level customization

Sony has certainly rippled some tides with the announcement of its a9, which we got a first look at hands-on in NYC. We’ve been thoroughly analyzing its capability, which you can follow in our updated First Impression Review, and if you’re an a7R II owner, check out our ‘what’s better?’ slideshow here.

But perhaps as, or more, important as all its technical capability is that the a9 comes with some serious ergonomic improvements that change everything for fast-paced shooters. Features we’ve been asking for a long time now. And Sony listens. Not just to us but to the requests of many of its direct users. And we can all agree direct access to certain camera features is a huge plus, as opposed to menu-diving.

We can all agree direct access to certain camera features is a huge plus, vs. menu-diving. That’s exactly what Sony has given us.

So that’s exactly what Sony has given us. Instant camera overrides at the press of a button. With one simple button press you can switch the camera from Aperture Priority with 1/125s minimum shutter speed in Auto ISO to Shutter Priority with 1/2000s shutter speed to freeze the action. This can allow you to instantly switch from panning shots to ‘freezing the motion’ shots – with one button press.

Sports/action shooters should take note, but we’re particularly excited because the ability to assign different autofocus area modes plus autofocus activation (among other options) to different custom buttons, just like you can on a Nikon D5 (and to a limited degree on a Canon 1D X II), has changed the way I personally shoot. I can instantly adapt to changing scenarios, much like with the Nikon D5 here, with a simple button press – potentially rescuing shots I’d → continue…

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