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15 Great Movies That Will Haunt You For a Very Long Time

By David Zou

A film becomes haunting when it becomes a poignant and evocative experience. An experience that, just like a trauma, which in ancient Greek could be translated as “wound,” stays in your mind and heart as an unforgettable memory. This memory, as if it was a ghost, visits you and can make you feel agitated or concerned, but without even let you know its true nature. Nonetheless, it lingers and it’s always there waiting for you.

The films that are included in this list try to reflect this feeling, at times through the suggestive look at teen years, at other times revealing the true nature of disturbing topics, but always displaying movies that will stay with you long after the credits roll. There are some spoilers, but they’re not so gruesome.

1. The Swimmer (1968)


The narrator of the original 1968 trailer of “The Swimmer” asks the audience, “When you talk about ‘The Swimmer,’ will you talk about yourself?” This question, which resonates as an inquiry concerning everyone’s existence, defines the spirit of the film. Based on John Cheever’s short story, the movie was made by the collaboration between husband and wife Frank and Eleanor Perry.

Ned Merrill (Burt Lancaster) is a wealthy suburban inhabitant from Connecticut. One day, he appears at a pool party held by the Westerhazys. After swimming, Ned begins to chat with their hosts and he challenges himself with a very weird task: to swim in all of the swimming pools of his neighbors.

“The Swimmer” is, without a doubt, a forgotten masterpiece of American cinema. Its value lies primarily in the boldness of its narrative. Ned Merrill has lost everything but, as if he was a ghost, wanders around places and re-encounters people from his past, unaware of his current life conditions through eerie storytelling.

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