REVIEW: Hasselblad H6D-100c Foreshadows the Medium Format Cinematography Revolution

By Charles Haine

Is this the beginning of the next cinematography wave?

Bigger sensors are the future. As we discussed in our NAB podcast, the camera market hasn’t felt super dynamic lately (with the exception of perhaps the EVA1), and at least part of that is the feeling that the Super 35mm sensor size has really peaked. Super 35mm cameras are amazing and affordable. The Alexa sensor is almost a decade old and still cranking out beautiful footage. The Varicam has a native 5000 ISO that provides clean footage. The new Red Helium is squeezing 8K out of Super 35mm. Where do we go from here?

More resolution doesn’t get that exciting anymore, with 8K not being wildly more exciting than 6K. Instead of focusing on more pixels and higher frame rates, the next wave of cinematic camera development will be larger sensors. At the high end, this has already started with the Alexa 65 turning out truly stunning imagery in films like The Revenant. And while you can’t buy an Alexa 65, you could buy a 4K medium format camera today: the Hasselblad H6D-100c. That is, if you have $33,000 to spare.

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