All 15 Best Director Oscar Winners From The 21st Century Ranked From Worst To Best

By Rob Williams

So here is my list of the winners of the Best Director Oscar for the current millennium. Now before you start saying that it is completely wrong, can I just say that this is my opinion in an opinion piece. If it is different from yours then so it goes, it’s allowed to be! I’m not a cinema scholar; my degrees are in Design, Applied Maths, and Computer Science.

I just like going to the cinema and now that I’m retired I go several times a week. I’ve been twice today – “Murder on the Orient Express’ and “Ferrari: Race to Immortality” before you ask! If you have studied film and filmmaking and draw something different from films that I do, then that’s great. I envy you and if I had my time over again I might go down that line.

Anyway… here are my thoughts.

15. Damien Chazelle – La La Land – 2016

I’m starting with the least experienced director who has a mere three feature films under his belt. As a child, Damien Chazelle had an interest in the arts, despite having a father who taught computer science and a mother who taught Medieval history. He nearly went into music as he was trained to be a jazz drummer at school, where he was tormented by a teacher from whom he developed the Terence Fletcher character in “Whiplash.” Abandoning music after he realised he didn’t have enough talent, he returned to film.

He started off with “Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench” in 2009. If it wasn’t for the actors, it would almost be a one man project – directed, written, produced, shot, and co-edited by Chazelle. He takes a look back at the old MGM musicals and brings them up to date in a → continue…

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