Martin Sheen

10 Famous Actors No One Wants To Work With

By David Zou

“You’ll never work in this town again!” is an immortal slogan thrown around Hollywood, a scornful marking that makes working in that elite business just that much more difficult.

For whatever reasons, these several actors enjoyed success at the top and then due to bad manners or just general maniac behaviour lost that top spot, becoming pariahs in the industry. It’s a sad yet common story that will only see more names soon in these current heated and haphazard times in the industry…

10. Lindsay Lohan


So is the way of the sad story of some Hollywood starlets. Lindsay Lohan was the adorable Disney kid who enjoyed a series of successes (in remakes of “The Parent Trap” and “Freaky Friday”) that showed her as a strong and memorable presence on screen even at an early age. She then came of age in the superior high school comedy “Mean Girls.” All eyes were set on her, yet soon her offscreen exploits began to take centre stage as her cute-as-a-button image became more of a constant ‘party girl’ image instead.

She had on-set drama when she attempted to step into the serious acting leagues with Robert Altman’s “A Prairie Home Companion.” Then her toxic reputation followed her onto her next couple of attempts at comebacks in “I Know Who Killed Me” and more recently, “The Canyons,” both edgy indies that were critically lambasted and flopped at the box office; not to mention, they had the media eat up plenty of juicy filming conflicts due to her prima donna nature on each film. The offers have seemingly dried up now, with the actress going instead to TV for work.

9. Charlie Sheen

Martin Sheen’s son rose to heavy prominence in the 80s as he moved to leading man → continue…

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