ARRI secrets revealed at BSC Expo 2018

By (Tony Costa)

ARRI secrets revealed at BSC Expo 2018

By Marc Swadel – NZCS Committee member and ACS cinematographer member

It was midday on a cold February when I arrived at the Battersea Evolution Events Centre, clutching my invitation to the British Society of Cinematographers or BSC Expo opening luncheon. Film industry overload greeted me. The Techno Crane and Panavision Scorpio rig were duelling outside, while in the main hall there was the sheer crush of numbers, created by the intensity and the noise of hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of punters.

Marc Swadel - Peter Hannan - Nigel Walters

Marc Swadel, Peter Hannan, Nigel Walters

New Camera Unveiled
At the BSC luncheon, ARRI unveiled their newest camera – the new Alexa LF (large format) camera with 4.5K sensor size midway between the Alexa SXT sensor and the Alexa 65.

I had a talk with Stephan Shenk, Managing Director of ARRI Cine Technik, about the camera. Stephan called it Netflix ready, thanks to it being a true 4K camera, and told me it has its own new lens mount – the LPL mount which is 62 mm in diameter and 44 mm in flange focal depth.

ARRI are also releasing their own brand of large format lenses for this mount called the Signature Primes. I had a look at the 24 and 35 mm f1.8 lenses – they were fantastic, and light too.

The wider, deeper neck of the LPL mount gives the ability to place filters at the rear of the lens, in front of the sensor. ARRI also offers a LPL to PL adapter – so regular PL mount lenses can also be used. The sensor is 36.7 mm x 25.54 mm which is significantly larger than super 35 so to use PL lenses for an UHD shoot you can either crop the frame in post, or use a couple of → continue…

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ARRI Signature Primes: Faces and Food

By Jon Fauer What better way to test the new ARRI Large Format Signature Primes than some food photography in the company of fellow Film and Delicious Times foodies Thorsten Meywald and Howard Preston. Thorsten is ARRI Product Manager for Optical Systems and Howard is head of Preston Cinema Systems. Thorsten discreetly smuggled into the restaurant a rapid prototyped LPL to E-mount adapter and a Signature Prime. read more… → continue…

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ARRI Launches Large-format Camera System

By Staff

ARRI launches large-format camera system A complete new system: ALEXA LF camera, ARRI Signature Prime lenses, and LPL lens mount. Intimate and emotionally engaging images with an immersive, three-dimensional feel, pulling the viewer in. Compatible with existing lenses, accessories, and workflows. February 2, 2018, Munich/London – At the BSC Expo in London, ARRI today unveils […]

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ARRI launches large-format camera system

By (ARRI Group) The ALEXA LF camera, ARRI Signature Prime lenses and LPL lens mount together comprise an entirely new system, offering an immersive, emotionally engaging look. → continue…

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ARRI ALEXA LF Large Format (True) 4K Camera & ARRI Signature Primes Announced

By Tim Fok

ARRI has used BSC Expo in London to announce their venture into true 4K acquisition. The ALEXA LF is a new large-format system with new LPL lens mount.

It’s been some time coming, but finally ARRI has “ true 4K” (not up scaled from 3.4K) camera in its arsenal.

Whilst this article ducks under the lifting embargo barrier, I’m headed to BSC to get an interview with ARRI, so we’ll have a bit more hands-on info imminently.

ARRI LF with 4.5K Resolution

The ALEXA LF resolves a 4448 X 3096 image, like previous ARRI camera systems it will record to a selection of Apple ProRes flavours and unencrypted ARRIRAW, but up to 150fps (50fps slower than the likes of the Alexa Mini).

“Featuring a sensor slightly bigger than full frame, ALEXA LF records native 4K with ARRI’s best overall image quality. Filmmakers can explore a large-format aesthetic while retaining the sensor’s natural colorimetry, pleasing skin tones and proven suitability for HDR and WCG workflows.”

One of the main talking points will be the brand new lens mount – LPL. ARRI have implemented this to supposedly offer full frame lenses in a smaller and lightweight form factor, due to the wider diameter and shorter flange distance.

Not to worry however, the lens mounts is backwards compatible to PL. You’ll be able to purchase a LPL to PL adaptor that will accept all PL lenses including puny super35mm (there will likely be some sort of image crop applied).

New ALEXA LF sensor

ARRI Signature Prime Lenses

Alongside the new ARRI LF is a new set of full frame lenses. 16 of them ranging from 12 to 280mm at a tasty T1.8.

4 will be initially announced (35mm, 47mm, 75mm and 125mm) and will ship early June 2018. The camera itself should ship end of March.

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