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Making It In Hollywood – with Michael Dermen – ON THE GO – Episode 76

By Fabian Chaundy

This week on cinema5D ON THE GO, we talk to Argentinean Line Producer Michael Dermen about building a career in Hollywood.

Michael Dermen is a successful Line Producer with credits in TV shows such as Car Chasers, Naked and Afraid and Top Gear. Although he is now based in Los Angeles, it was a long journey from his home in Argentina.

He got his first taste of the film and TV industry after securing a football scholarship to study in the US. Upon his return to Argentina, he used the knowledge he had acquired in the States to find high-profile jobs, such as helping produce Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s reality show Q’Viva! The Chosen. Michael then continued travelling with Jennifer Lopez on her world tour, which eventually saw him land once again on US soil.

Michael tells us how networking proved essential for the bureaucratic aspects of acquiring an 01 Visa – the kind reserved for those with extraordinary abilities – as one of the requirements is eight letters of recommendation from industry peers.

Michael Dermen goes on to tell us a bit about his love for the city of Los Angeles, a multicultural metropolis with beautiful sights and many opportunities to work in the industry. He tells us, however, how his move from Argentina meant he would take a step back from his Line Producer role, deciding to work as a coordinator for a time in order to figure out the way things worked in this new town.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode, where we will discuss Michael’s experiences in shooting the survival reality show Naked and Afraid.

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Watch: Just Try Not to Cry Over This Ad Series From Har’el, Nichols & Iñárritu

By Liz Nord

P&G tapped Alma Har’el this year for its annual cinematic Olympics tearjerker.

If you’ve watched any of the Olympic Games over the past eight years, you’ve likely seen one of the notoriously tear-jerking Procter & Gamble “Thank you, mom” spots that celebrate parental involvement and pride in their children’s athletic success stories. But did you know that these acclaimed short films were directed by some of your favorite filmmakers?

Spearheaded by ad agency Wieden + Kennedy, these spots have been helmed by directors Jeff Nichols (Loving, Midnight Special) and Alejandro González Iñárritu (The Revenant, Birdman), as well as Lance Acord, who is best known as a cinematographer on indie favorites like Being John Malkovich and Lost in Translation. Iñárritu’s entry from 2012 (below), which was shot on four continents and features local actors and athletes from each location–London, Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, and Beijing—became one of the most widely spread viral Olympics campaigns of all time.

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KitSplit Launches in Los Angeles and Offers Free Concierge Service for a Limited Time

By Charles Haine

East meets West as the New York-based gear sharing platform expands into the biggest hub of production in North America.

Online gear sharing service KitSplit, who you might remember from its recent purchase of CameraLends, is officially launching its service in Los Angeles this week. While it might not seem like news that a “web service” is launching in a new market (since the web is, you know, everywhere), it’s important to remember that launching a service in a new city isn’t always easy. Uber famously approached each new market as a fresh challenge, spending months on the ground recruiting drivers before launching in a new city. Having inventory matters.

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5 Ways In Which “Blade Runner 2049” Evolves Beyond The Original

By Bennett Ferguson

There is a scene early in “Blade Runner 2049,” Denis Villeneuve’s hypnotic and heart-bursting sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1982 future-shock detective movie “Blade Runner,” where two men crash through a wall. One is the bulbous Sapper Morton (Dave Bautista), who is one of many humanoid robots known as replicants, and the other is the slender, trench-coat-wearing assassin known simply as K (Ryan Gosling), who the LAPD dispatches to “retire” (i.e. kill) rogue replicants.

It’s grisly work (the swift, savage scuffle between Sapper and K ends with an eyeball being washed in a sink) made all the more nauseating by the fact that K is a replicant himself. Designed by the wan industrialist Niander Wallace (Jared Leto), he has been programmed to obey—even if that means, as Sapper puts it, killing his “own kind.”

Once he has completed his murderous task, K is free to climb into his flying Peugeot and soar home to his sterile apartment in Los Angeles. But then he spots something. Beneath a pale, leafless tree lies a cluster of small yellow flowers. Plucked from the ground, they have nothing left to do but shrivel. Yet K slips them into a plastic bag before heading home.

Can you blame him? Like Scott’s film, Villeneuve’s unfurls in a misery-laden future where pollution has eclipsed sunlight, ceaseless rain and corporate greed pummel crowded streets, and police officers like K, known as blade runners, have normalized state-sanctioned murder. No wonder K wants to find and preserve something beautiful; in this ghastly, failed state, it’s just about the only rebellion he’s capable of.

At times, beauty has been a problem for Villeneuve. His first English-language U.S. release, “Prisoners” (2013), received effusive reviews from critics like The New Yorker’s David Denby, who dubbed it “a thriller that digs into the dark cellars of American paranoia and → continue…

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Amber Talarico Chronicles Her Journey in Makeup in New Film

By Scott Essman

With TV shows such as Face-Off on SyFy instigating a newfound interest in the makeup arts, thousands of hopefuls have migrated from their hometowns throughout the world to the Los Angeles area in an attempt to break into the industry. One such aspiring artist, Amber Talarico, has put her nascent tribulations into a new documentary […]

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IFH 191: Blair Witch Project: Directing an Indie Film Phenomenon w/ Eduardo Sanchez – Indie Film Hustle

By Alex Ferrari

Blair Witch Project: Directing an Indie Film Phenomenon w/ Eduardo Sanchez Who hasn’t heard of the now legendary indie film rags to riches tale of The Blair Witch Project? Every film student from Los Angeles to Mumbai heard the story of how two young film students spent $27,000 (mostly from friends, family and credit cards)…

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