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Watch: Travel to Mexico with Pixar to Research the Story of ‘Coco’

By Christopher Boone

To create an immersive world, Pixar immerses itself in that world.

Pixar is famous for its in-depth research to create immersive worlds and develop original stories that resonate deeply with audiences. Before Pixar writes a single page of a screenplay, the creative team for a project travels the world to discover the culture and environment where that story will take place.

For the upcoming feature film Coco, Pixar’s creative team traveled all over Mexico, learning about the culture, the music, the food, and the customs that would be integral to telling this story. With Day of the Dead just behind us, check out the video below and join Pixar on its research trips to Mexico to bring Coco to life.

Music plays a big part in Coco, and the Pixar team worked with several musicians in Mexico to capture a wide variety of musical styles for the film. To add realism to the animation of characters performing music in the film, director Lee Unkrich noted, “We shot a lot of reference footage so the animators can make every chord and every little subtle bit of playing accurate.”

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