The Profoto A1 is the ‘world’s smallest studio flash’ and Profoto’s first on-camera flash

As expected after last week’s photo and specs leak, lighting manufacturer Profoto has launched an on/off camera flash unit called the Profoto A1. But if you were expecting a simple speedlight, Profoto is definitely branding this as more powerful than that. In fact, they’re calling it “the world’s smallest studio flash.”

The new A1 is styled much like most on-camera flash units, but is equipped with the powerful features of a Profoto studio head. The 76Ws unit uses a lithium ion battery that is claimed to be good for up to 350 full power bursts and which charges in under 80 minutes. Profoto also says that the A1 recycles “four times faster than other on-camera solutions,” as it can emit a full power pop every 1.2 seconds.

A stand-out feature of the A1 is its circular lens, which is said to produce light that is “natural and beautiful with a pleasing soft-smooth fall-off.” The rim of that circular lens housing is also magnetic, and accepts a range of clip-on modifiers that can be changed quickly and easily. The head offers a manually operated zoom function and the rear display is large and easy to read.

The A1 heads are equipped with Profoto’s Air Remote TTL system so they can work in groups alongside other A1 heads or any other Air Remote studio heads from the Profoto studio head range. Finally, the A1 offers variable power over 9 stops in both standard and HSS modes, and includes an LED modeling light for previewing the effect of the flash or using on its own as a light source.

The A1 is currently compatible with Nikon and Canon systems, and will be with Sony models in the future… but it doesn’t come cheap. As previously reported, the Profoto A1 will cost you $995 USD… quite the → continue…

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F&V 3×1 Soft LED panel light – IBC 2017

By Matthew Allard ACS

The F&V 3×1 Soft LED panel light has been designed to complement the company’s existing range of LED panel lights. F&V now have the Z200S (half the size of a…

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F&V K4000 Power 1×1 LED panel – IBC 2017

By Matthew Allard ACS

F&V were showing a new addition to their 1×1 LED panel range – the K4000 Power. As the name suggests, the light is essentially a more powerful version of the…

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Hudson Spider – Unique Foldable LED Inside a Softbox

By Adam Plowden

Hudson Spider

Developed by DoP Tim Hudson, the Hudson Spider is a soft bi-colour beauty light for cinematographers.

The Hudson Spider has LEDs designed by Light Gear, promising a high-quality light output across the 2600K to 6500K bi-colour range. It has been designed to hold a 3-foot diffuser providing a soft yet powerful light source, with a 400 watt output that can be used relatively close to the actors.

For portability, the unit folds down neatly, with the LED light brackets folding in and out between storage, transportation and setup. It is also compatible with existing Light Gear controllers, convenient for those that own or rent a controller regularly.

The power supply unit for the light is rather large for the 400 watt output, however a 200 watt power supply will become available that can take standard V-Lock and Anton Bauer batteries for a more portable solution.

In regards to pricing, a complete kit will be available for around $6000.00, which also includes a reflector, 1/2 grid diffuser, 1/4 grid diffuser and a ‘magic cloth’ for a very soft light source. The estimated availability time is in October, but this is not confirmed.

For a large, soft and bright light source, will you consider using the Hudson Spider for your next shoot? Let us know in the comments.

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LiteGear Project Stardust: Tailoring lights to camera sensors – IBC 2017

By Matthew Allard ACS

Project Stardust is a new LED colour mixing technology developed by LiteGear tailored specifically for digital camera sensors. An end to magenta/green shift? When you mix just two colours to…

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DoPchoice SNAPBOX soft box for flex, tube, mat, and light-tiles – IBC 2017

By Matthew Allard ACS

DoPchoice were showing new versions of their DoPchoice SNAPBOX soft box for flex, tube, mat, and light-tile style LED fixtures. The new rectangular SNAPBOX has been designed to be quick…

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Aladdin large flexible LED panel light – IBC 2017

By Matthew Allard ACS

At IBC in Amsterdam Aladdin were showing a large flexible LED panel light that can be run off mains or battery power.

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High powered LED lights trend at this years IBC.

By noreply@redsharknews.com (Phil Rhodes)

Larger more versatile LED lights are on their way

RedShark at IBC 2017: Let there be light. Phil Rhodes’s takes a look at some of the developments in LED lighting, and the new products being shown at this years show.

  • IBC2017
  • LED Lights
  • Arri
  • Aputure
  • Cineo
  • Skypanel S360
  • Quantum C80

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    Aputure MX and 300d LED lights – IBC 2017

    By Elliot Smith

    The Aputure MX is an updated version of the company’s M9 eyelight that takes on board feedback from users to improve the credit-card sized LED light. Aputure MX prototype The…

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    4K Reference DisplayCanon Announces Its Newest Professional 4K HDR Reference Display Featuring Stable High-Luminance And 12G-SD1 Terminals

    By Canon Rumors MELVILLE, N.Y., September 12, 2017 – Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced the Canon DP-V2411 4K HDR1 Reference Display, a 24-inch display that features stable high luminance and 12G-SDI terminals, ideal for use on-set in broadcasting vans, and in-studio needs. Highlighting Canon’s proprietary display image processor, LED direct backlight system design … → continue…

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    Litepanels Gemini 2×1 RGB-WW soft panel

    By Matthew Allard ACS

    Litepanels has just announced a new addition to their LED lineup- the Litepanels Gemini. The Gemini is a 2×1, RGB-WW soft panel that combines daylight, tungsten, and red-green-blue LEDs. According…

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    Make Infinite Unique LED Shapes with Spekular Lights

    By Charles Haine

    LED lights offer a world of customization, and the new line of Spekular lights lets you dial in precisely the reflection you were looking for.

    When trying to determine precisely how a scene was lit, one of the best places to start is in the eyes. While you can usually tell a key light from the nose shadow, it’s hard to tell if there was a fill light at all, or just natural wall bounce. If you can get close on an eye, however, you can see fill, if there were multiple keys, and what shapes those lights took. Shaping the reflection of a highlight has always been a fun game for DPs to play, hiding hidden messages in the specular highlights, and now it’s easier than ever with the Spekular line of LEDs from Spiffy Gear. The units offer a nearly infinite array of methods for linking them together to create individual light patterns.

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    Venice è la nuova telecamera CineAlta full frame 6K di Sony

    By News

    Sony ha svelato Venice, la telecamera cinematografica CineAlta full-frame che rappresenta un nuovo sistema di prodotti di acquisizione digitale di fascia alta, Venice ha un fattore forma completamente nuovo, ma le periferiche delle precedenti Sony F5 e F55 rimangono compatibili. E’ dotata di un pannello a LED sul lato dell’assistente, una caratteristica da molto richiesta dai

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    Spekular – New Modular LED Lighting Kit with 94+ CRI

    By Graham Sheldon

    Spekular is a new 94+ CRI LED lighting system featuring a unique modular design that allows for dozens of different mounting configurations. Having the ability to build a ring light or a 3-light interview setup and everything in between for just $650 certainly sounds useful. Let’s dive in:

    Spekular 4-light Kit. Image Credit: Spiffy Gear

    The Spekular kit, priced at $650, comes with four daylight LED sections that can be mounted in all sorts of ways. Each section is built with aluminum and ABS plastic for a total per-section weight of 335 grams. Spiffy Gear, the makers of Spekular, promise a 1500+ luminous flux out of each section at a CRI of 94+ and a 96+ TLCI with no flicker. All sections are dimmable (10% to 100%), but right now Spekular is only available in a daylight version with gel holders for other desired color temperatures. The output of each individual section is comparable to a 150W halogen light according to the manufacturer, so place them all together and you’re looking at about 600W in the halogen world.


    Lots and lots of different configurations… Image Credit: Spiffy Gear

    All sections are powered by an included wall adapter and power each other once linked together, but you can also power the set from D-Tap by purchasing an optional $130 battery adapter. It’s unfortunate that this kit doesn’t come with the battery adapter included, as the portability of these lights is a definite plus.

    One of the more interesting available accessories is the Star Adapter, which creates a unique starlike effect in the eyes for fashion portraits and interviews. Not appropriate → continue…

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    Rotolight NEO 2 Announced

    By Ollie Kenchington

    Rotolight NEO 2

    British LED lighting manufacturer Rotolight has just announced the Rotolight NEO 2, an update to their popular battery-powered NEO 1 LED light.

    Rotolight says the Rotolight NEO 2 is:

    an industry-first, all in one High Speed Sync (HSS) Flash and continuous on-camera LED

    Going after both the film and photography markets is not a new strategy for Rotolight, after introducing similar features in their AEOS fixture earlier this year. Clearly that move has been a success for the company and they are bringing those same features to their smallest and most popular fixture, NEO.

    Rotolight NEO 2 will come with built-in Elinchrom ‘Skyport’ 2.4Ghz HSS wireless flash receiver

    Rotolight NEO 2 – Tech Specs

    • 85% brighter in constant light mode than NEO 1
    • Updated suite of CineSFX™ effects, including fire, lightning, TV, gunshot, paparazzi and more
    • High Speed Sync (HSS) Flash (1/8000th sec.)
    • Zero recycle time
    • 500% flash output
    • Integrated Elinchrom ‘Skyport’ 2.4Ghz HSS wireless flash receiver
    • Wirelessly control up to 10 lights, in four groups, at up to 200m (656ft) away*
    • Simultaneously constant (modelling) light and HSS flash
    • Electronically adjustable colour temperature in both flash and constant light modes
    • 85,000 full power flashes on a single set of rechargeable AA batteries (compared to 200 flashes on a typical speedlight)

    *Requires a new, Rotolight optimised, HSS transmitter by Elinchrom. This new transmitter will be compatible with all other Elinchrom ‘Skyport’ devices and will be available upon launch for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Panasonic, with support for Fuji camera systems coming “shortly”.


    These days it is incredibly common to see both filmmakers and photographers using the same cameras (I own a Sony a7Rii and spend almost as much time shooting stills with it as I do video) so I think it makes perfect sense to see LED lights following suit. Even if filmmakers don’t use the flash capabilities of the → continue…

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