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10 Underappreciated Recent Thrillers Worth Your Time

By Ethan Wilson

The trouble with living in a world where everything is about now is that nothing gets a second chance. If one huge-scale action movie disappoints the audience, everyone shrugs and prepares for the next one the following week.

There is, as we all know, no “best” of anything and time is the only critic whose opinion matters. Some movies that disappoint on their initial viewing may, if given the chance, become future favourites, while movies that stunned in their day become clunkier as time goes by.

Who would’ve thought that a movie like Big Trouble In Little China, which didn’t even crack the US top ten on its original release, would enjoy an afterlife (and a mooted remake starring Dwayne Johnson) while Top Gun, the same year’s biggest hit, becomes campier with each viewing?

In the name of posterity, every movie needs to be given an even break. Well, maybe not The Hitcher remake. That was a soulless abomination whose name shall not be spoken above a whisper for the love of God. The offer is good only for movies not produced by Michael Bay.

Here are ten to consider.

10. Wild Card

Based on a novel by William Goldman, 1987’s Heat stars Burt Reynolds (then entering his post-Cannonball Run career slump) as an ex-mercenary who hires himself out as a bodyguard/chaperone in Las Vegas. Complications ensue when he encounters the son of a mobster and a businessman who wants to learn how to defend himself.

Reuniting Jason Statham with director Simon West (The Mechanic, Expendables 2), Wild Card gives the actor a change of pace and allows him to play a character instead of a growling thug who throws people through walls. This is a low key drama that’s closer to Hummingbird than → continue…

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Wrap your head around this 360-degree head mount for nine GoPros

The NAB show in Las Vegas was a while ago, but Photo Gear News is still churning through hours of video from the show. In their most recent post, PGN’s Lok Cheung tries out a new head-mounted rig for nine GoPros.

Yes, nine.

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Musicbed: Finding the Next Big Artist – feat. CEO Daniel McCarthy – ON THE GO – Episode 55

By Fabian Chaundy

On this episode of ON THE GO, we talk to Daniel McCarthy, CEO of the very popular and extremely well-curated music licensing site Musicbed.

As we navigate the Las Vegas traffic, we talk to Daniel about the origins of Musicbed, their journey throughout the past 6 years, and how they managed to give a breath of fresh air with their choice of music to an increasingly stale stock music landscape.

Perhaps the success of the Musicbed platform can be boiled down to the company’s overall philosophy: rather than just providing a catalogue of tracks, Musicbed is constantly trying to find the next best thing, working with new artists as they make it big in the industry. A good example was their work along with the band Imagine Dragons, which signed with Musicbed a few years before breaking into the mainstream.

Daniel also tells us how important it is to develop lasting relationships with the artists, and compensating them accordingly. We discuss how their model of charging on a per-track basis compares with the generally more affordable subscription-based models for music licensing, and the pros and cons of both types.

Although Musicbed prices its tracks according to the size of audience you intend your project to have, we discuss how the company is always willing to work with you to find the right deal.

Make sure to check out the large Musicbed catalogue on their site.

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NAB Show 2018 | StudentFilmmakers Magazine Booth #C8943, Central Hall

By Posted by Jody Michelle Solis, Editor

2018 NAB Show, Las Vegas

The 2018 NAB Show will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 7 through April 12, 2018.

Exhibits will held April 9 through April 12, 2018.

Meet With StudentFilmmakers Magazine, the #1 Education Resource for Film and Video Makers, and sister publication, HD Pro Guide Magazine, the Professional HD Production website for professionals, at the 2018 NAB Show, Booth #C8943, Central Hall.


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