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Blackmagic Design Announces NAB 2017 Roadshow

By Brian Hallett


Blackmagic is coming to a town near you this summer with their newly announced roadshow. Think of this as Blackmagic Design’s NAB 2017 show booth hitting the road for all of those who could not make the trip to Las Vegas for the April broadcasting convention. The extension of NAB tour will hit up eight major North American cities in nine weeks.

NAB 2017 Roadshow

At these events, you will be able to stop by and get your grubby hands all over Blackmagic’s new gear they showed off at NAB 2017. But, hands-on is only part of the tour. Blackmagic Design will also demonstrate the newly released DaVinci Resolve 14, ATEM Television Studio Pro HD, the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro, my favorite camera of theirs, as well as all of their other products. Seriously, if you are wondering about the Web Presenter, or any other streaming technology Blackmagic announced a month before NAB 2107, then this tour might be a great place to see that little converter box in action.

What cities will Blackmagic Design visit while on their roadshow? Well, you could just look at the image above, or I can list them. Blackmagic will go to Vancouver, Portland, Salt Lake City, Denver, Toronto, Boston, and Washington DC. Blackmagic has already gone through Los Angeles. It is a shame for this Southern writing this post to see Blackmagic will not be stopping by either Austin or Atlanta, but I bet Blackmagic has its reasons.

To find out more go here: and register to attend the Blackmagic Design NAB 2017 Roadshow.

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Kolor Debuts Autopano Video Pro 3.0 Alpha 1

By Al Caudullo


For those of use who have been eagerly waiting for this release, our wait is over. Timecode Support, GoPro VR Player Live, Frictionless Nuke /Autopano Video Pro Workflow and fo GoPro Omni owners, the slightly mysterious D-Warp. How many bugs will be found in the first days? The betting parlors in Las Vegas probably wouldn’t touch those odds. But the Kolor Team have an excellent reputation for staying on the job till all those pesky bugs are gone. I’ll be reporting more soon since my first project with the new software will begin as soon as this is posted!

Here is the official release information.

Video-stitching software: Autopano Video Pro 3.0 Alpha 1

The Kolor team is delighted to announce that the first Alpha version for Autopano Video Pro 3.0 is now available.

All registered Autopano Video Pro 2.x users can try this new version for free and without watermarks for a limited period of time. Simply enter your Autopano Video Pro 2 license key in the registration window and you’ll be good to go!

This new version of our leading video stitching software is packed with new features, see the video below for a quick presentation of what’s new in AVP 3.0:

We’re sure that you have many questions on AVP 3.0, so to help you understand how to use the new features we’ve created a series of Quick Tip videos:

More info on the new features coming with AVP 3.0:


D.WARP technology offers a new way to stitch footage from the GoPro Omni rig and dramatically reduces the need for post-processing. Just click on the D.WARP button and many stitching errors due to parallax will be removed. It works for both static and moving shots!

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CinemaStock, a new stock footage agency

By Jose Antunes

CinemaStock, a new stock footage agency

Hundreds of green-screen actors playing different characters, all model-released and ready to use, B-roll, time lapses and much more are included in the footage library created by CinemaStock.

Although the price of stock footage has dropped during recent years, it still is not affordable for some of the people who want to use it. That’s the reason why CinemaStock was created: its founders want to take the cost of stock footage down dramatically, while offering professional stock footage to filmmakers, video producers, video marketers and other video service providers.

CinemaStock offers a low-cost subscription which gives subscribers access to a variety of footage for use by independent filmmakers, YouTube video producers, music video producers and video marketers. Access to the CinemaStock footage library is priced starting at $39.95/month, with 4K and 5K footage and Adobe project files available at higher subscription levels.

Filmed at a Las Vegas film studio led by producers David Marcus and Brandon Klock during a period of over 3 years, CinemaStock offers :

  • Hundreds of green-screen actors playing zombies, fighters, gangsters, policemen, doctors, protesters, dancers, tourists, pedestrians, drivers, and other characters. All with removed backgrounds, ready for inserting into any scene.
  • Customizable, professionally filmed and acted spec commercials to be used by video marketers producing small business advertisements. Commercials can be customized for such businesses as home repair, cleaning services, attorneys, pizza restaurants, car wash, insect exterminators, etc. Some of the commercials were produced using animation techniques, including Claymation and motion graphics.
  • Music video inserts consisting of dancers, drink shots, sports cars, and other elements perfect for producing music videos.
  • B-roll, aerial, time-lapse, and editorial footage from variety of locations.
  • 3d models of vehicles, airplanes and helicopters that can be further animated using Adobe → continue…

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Fairlight Part 1: The DAWn of a Resolved Era

By Marco Solorio Marco Solorio of OneRiver Media gives an introductory overview to the rebirth of the Fairlight digital audio workstation (DAW) that is now part of Blackmagic Design’s powerful DaVinci Resolve post-production system. Is this finally the solution to break away from the ProTools stronghold? With the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas officially over […] → continue…

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‘That article was more like gossip’ Panasonic’s head of cameras talks downsizing, GH5 and the 8K era

Yosuke Yamane: Division President, Imagine Network Business Division

Yosuke Yamane, the Director of Panasonic’s imaging business visited DPReview on a recent trip to the United States. He spoke to us about the GH5, the promise of 8K, reports of downsizing and why we haven’t seen on-sensor phase detection in one of the company’s cameras.

Initial response to the GH5

Given it’s the company’s latest product and that Yamane arrived after visiting the video-focused NAB Show in Las Vegas, we started off asking about the GH5.

Early response has been positive, he says, pointing out that it immediately topped the sales chart at one of the US’s largest dealers. ‘The sales were more than we’d originally planned for,’ he says: ‘It depends on the region: some regions sold three times more than we planned and others it was one-point-five times. We’re very satisfied with the result.’

‘Based on our survey, the first customers are mainly videographers,’ he says. But he expects this mix to change: ‘The GH5 provides the best still picture as well as the best moving picture quality ever in any Lumix, so we expect hybrid photographers and videographers to be 50:50.’

‘For video users, the specifications of the video are very important whereas the stills photographers tend to want to evaluate the image quality, based on pictures taken with the camera. In that sense, more and more photographers will come to the GH5. That’s what we expect.’

Who is buying the GH5?

We pressed Yamane on whether he thought the GH5 was selling beyond existing GH4 owners. ‘We don’t have any specific numbers,’ he says: ‘but my gut feeling is that many GH4 users are upgrading to the GH5, this is a decent portion of our first buyers. But, → continue…

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NAB 2017, Atomos Sumo 19″, il primo Monitor/Recorder che registra anche 4K 12bit Raw

By News

Al NAB 2017 di Las Vegas appena terminato, tra le novità Atomos ha presentato Sumo 19″, il primo Monitor/Recorder che registra anche 4K 12bit Raw, 10bit ProRes/DNxHR, oltre a 1080p60 live switching e registrazione.

Costruito per la produzione, costruzione robusta. Montaggio flessibile
Il telaio in lega di alluminio con armatura incorporata ospita dieci punti di montaggio attorno

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NEXTO DI NCB-20 Card Batcher – Simple Backup of All Your Media

By Jakub Han

During NAB 2017 in Las Vegas, Korean company Nexto DI introduced their new NEXTO DI NCB-20 Card Batcher – a nice and fast solution for backing up multiple memory cards without the need to use a computer. This is an ideal solution for anyone filming in multi-camera situations like events, reality shows or even live performances.

NEXTO DI NCB-20 Card Batcher card batcher. Image: Graham Sheldon

NEXTO DI NCB-20 Card Batcher

The NEXTO DI NCB-20 Card Batcher allows you to copy up to eight memory cards at once to either one or two external drives connected via USB 3.0, all without the need for a computer. It has a single-button operation design, and a simple 2,4″ LCD display to monitor the copying process.

In terms of power, the device includes a regular AC 6-25V 2A adapter, although it is also possible to power it through a USB power bank like the one you probably already use with your mobile phone. Last but not least, a V-Mount plate will be an optional accessory which, in addition to its dimensions of 156 x 80 x 34 (mm) / 6.1 x 3.1 x 1.3 (inches) and a weight of only 200g (0.4lbs), makes the unit quite portable overall.

The video below demonstrates the whole copying process from multiple cards to a single HDD .


The device is capable of carrying out automatic labelling, a feature that will sort the files on the HDD according to slots and create organized folders. It is also possible to assign a camera to a certain card slot on the device, which will copy all the files into a folder according to shooting date, slot number and a text field, such as the camera operator’s name, for example.

The NEXTO DI NCB-20 Card Batcher comes in 7 → continue…

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This 12K rig uses six Panasonic Lumix GX80s for 360-degree video

UK-based filmmaker Nick Driftwood has been busy, making a 360-degree video rig using six Panasonic Lumix GX80 (GX85 in the US) bodies, each fitted with a 3.25mm lens, covering a field of view of 243-degrees. With each camera shooting 4K video, 2880 X 2880px X 6 equals 12K footage. He showed it off to our friends at Photo Gear News last week at the NAB show in Las Vegas.

The super-wide lenses come from Hong Kong 360 company iZugar, and the camera takes advantage of the 1:1 video capability that Panasonic offers in its 4K Photo mode.

Even if you’re not interested in 360-degree video, it’s worth watching just for the guy in the background at 0:53.

A sample of the output from Nick’s 12K rig can be found below.

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NAB 2017: The Interesting Stuff

By Michael Murie

Last week was the annual NAB show. Every year in April the film and television community comes together in Las Vegas to “ew” and “ah” over the latest technology. With so much announced and demonstrated, here are the most interesting things I heard about: Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 14. Blackmagic announced several new products, but the most interesting — once again — was a major update to DaVinci Resolve. Version 14, which is available now in beta, claims a number of performance enhancements that make it up to 10 times faster than the previous version. Resolve also has an entirely new audio […] → continue…

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