Khazakstan Astana Opera

On Set with the Zenmuse X7 Aerial Cinema Camera from DJI

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See how the Zenmuse X7 is pushing the boundaries of aerial imaging.

When we announced the release of the Zenmuse X7 aerial cinema camera from DJI, we went over all of the tech spec goodness the camera has to offer. This time, we’re going to take a look at a short film shot entirely with the new Zenmuse X7 in order to let you see how the camera performs under very challenging lighting conditions. The DJI team, led by director Yehonatan Levin Richter of DJI Studio Europe, set out to film some architectural shots at Khazakstan’s Astana Opera but, according to Levin Richter, the team was inspired to create much more once they arrived onsite.

The video below explains how and why the DJI team decided to put the Inspire 2 and the X7 to the test by filming a simple yet emotionally charged story inside the Astana Opera.

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