Key Features

The RedRock DigiBoom is a gimbal-stabilized camera boom

Cinema and video accessory makers Redrock Micro have teamed up with Disney/ABC Television Group and Disney Research to design and develop the DigiBoom, a handheld gimbal-stabilized camera boom.

The DigiBoom is targeted at solo operators and small production teams who want to add unusual angles and smoothly stabilized footage to news, sports, and event video productions. The DigiBoom lets you place the camera anywhere from ground level to more than 8 feet (243 cm) up; 12 feet (365 cm) with the optional extension.

Redrock Micro says the DigiBoom is ideal for creating sweeping camera moves or unusual points of view. Key Features include complete control of operation and settings for both camera and gimbal from the grip, automated, manual, or hybrid control of camera aim and angle, and professional audio-connections and functions.

Additionally, the device comes with a single power source for camera, DigiBoom, and accessories, and the option to use an external power input. A high-resolution display allows for full-time monitoring. DigiBoom can be used with a wide range of cameras and displays but Redrock Micro recommends the Blackmagic Video Assist and Micro Studio Camera 4K recorder and camera for best performance.

The DigiBoom can be preordered for $500 on the Redrock Micro website, where you’ll also find additional product information. Target availability is Summer 2018.

Press Release

New DigiBoom Aims to Energize Location Shots, Breaking News, and Sports Footage

New Hybrid Camera Rig from Redrock Micro and Disney ABC Television Group/ Disney Research Merges Best of Gimbal, Jib, Drone, and Handheld to Achieve Cinematic Moves and Impossible Camera Angles

Dallas, TX and Hollywood, CA – Redrock Micro in collaboration with Disney/ ABC Television Group and Disney Research today announced DigiBoom® – a new gimbal-stabilized camera rig that merges → continue…

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