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The 10 Best Frances McDormand Movie Performances

By Joseph Stanger

Frances McDormand is probably one of the best actresses in the past 30 years. She’s selective in her roles, but It’s very rare, if not impossible to find a weak performance of hers.

In her entire career, McDormand has accumulated 5 Oscar nominations, including a win for the award of Best Actress in 1997 for ‘Fargo.’ She’s mostly known for her performances in films directed by the Coen brothers, but her recent performance in Martin McDonagh’s excellent 2017 drama ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,’ will more than likely become one people will know her for.

The 60 year old actress was born in 1957. She starred in her first feature film, ‘Blood Simple,’ in 1984 and was married the same year to Joel Coen, one of the co-directors of that film. She started her acting career in 1982 after receiving a master of fine arts degree from the Yale School of Drama. Interestingly enough, while going there she roomed with actress Holly Hunter who has worked alongside McDormand in films like ‘Blood Simple’ and ‘Raising Arizona.’

Keep your fingers crossed that she wins the ‘Best Actress’ award and hopefully ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ snags a few Oscars too. McDormand is an exceptional actress with a fantastic filmography that you shouldn’t miss out on. Hopefully you’ll see her in even more great films in the coming years.

10. Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda (1990)

This film was directed by Ken Loach and stars Frances McDormand, Brian Cox, and Brad Dourif. It’s a slow burning political crime drama set in Ireland during the country’s fight for independence. McDormand plays the girlfriend of a lawyer sent to Ireland to investigate supposed shady affairs happening within the Irish government. It was released to critical and commercial acclaim back in 1990.

It’s most likely McDormand’s most → continue…

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