John Byron Hanby

How We Painted Our Movie with Ultraviolet Color and 1,000-Watt LEDs

By John Byron Hanby, IV  –

Ever wondered how to paint a location (or your actors) with UV lights? Or how to light with 1,000 watts?

{Editor’s Note: No Film School asked John Byron Hanby, IV to walk us through the technical process of “painting” his music video with UV fluorescents.}

Last year, I decided to paint a real-life forest with UV fluorescent paints for a music video Fractal Visuals was making for Noveller. I wanted to create something beautiful and otherworldly that would perfectly capture the feelings created by Noveller’s song “Glacial Wave.”

The idea originated a few months before we began production; the process to get it from a concept to a practical application involved lots of testing, much trial and error, and some rather unique solutions.

The first step in the process was to break the concept down into multiple manageable chunks. In this case, the main chunks were:

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