Jeremy Saulnier

Watch: ‘Blue Ruin’, ‘Green Room’ & Jeremy Saulnier’s Art of Suspense

By Jon Fusco

The secret to making a great thriller is to get your audience hooked early.

When it comes to making a great suspense thriller, Jeremy Saulnier stands out as one of today’s most talented filmmakers. His two latest features, Blue Ruin and Green Room carry on a long line of tradition in captivating audiences with fundamental screenwriting and filmmaking skills that keep us both active and engaged.

In his latest video essay, CinemaWizardBoy breaks down some of the techniques which Saulnier uses most effectively. All of these tactics are combined in a way to keep the audience constantly guessing about what could happen next.

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TIFF Critic’s Notebook 6: Brawl in Cell Block 99, Prototype

By Vadim Rizov

S. Craig Zahler’s Brawl in Cell Block 99 replicates the structure and mutations of his first film, Bone Tomahawk, a realistic Western that expands into a gorefest with inflections of Mad Max. Likewise, Brawl begins as a fairly low-key thriller (minus the part in which Vince Vaughn dismantles nearly half a car with his bare hands) that continuously ratchets up the bloodiness in uncreasingly unreal settings. Zahler’s definitely a gore enthusiast, which isn’t really my thing: it doesn’t particularly bother me, but I’d just as soon not deal with it. But, like Jeremy Saulnier, gore is what enables what I’ve liked about his work: Tomahawk […] → continue…

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