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6 Interpretations of “Mother!” That Deserve Consideration

By David Zou

Darren Aronofksy’s latest film is designed to cause an emotional outburst of some variety. It is a nasty attempt to provoke a reaction from every single person watching it in the cinema, and he probably doesn’t care if that outburst is positive or negative: it is the reaction that counts.

mother! focuses on Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem’s couple playing host to weary travellers Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer, before things escalate in biblical proportions. The level of madness in the film is only matched by contemplating just how many themes and metaphors Aronofsky is attempting to convey. It is probably on purpose that all of these things result in a sensory overload while the film is still playing. This list will break down some of the themes in an attempt to unpack everything that Aronofsky might be trying to say.

Even naming the characters when writing about mother! is problematic, due to none of them having specific names, only nouns or personal pronouns. Therefore to make sure we are all on the same page, the actor’s names shall be used in this article.

1. Religion

mother! is drenched in religious allegory, much like previous Aronofsky works in the way it both embraces and is critical of religion and the way it affects society and individuals. Certainly, the final act of the film plays as a parable of the Old Testament, with the pace cranked up as much as possible to create an atmosphere as intense as possible. The sequence reaches such heights that forgetting to breathe due to the astonishment was a result; something that very few sequences in film manage to do.

The final act of the film plays out as a criticism of religion and the belief system that is held by so many; just another way → continue…

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