2018 Japan BCN camera rankings: Canon dominates DSLRs, tops Sony in mirrorless

Photo by Mario Calvo

The 2018 Japan BCN camera rankings are in, and they show that (surprise, surprise) Canon is still veritably dominating the DSLR space with 61.1% marketshare, only a slight drop from its previous 63.3% share. More impressive is Canon’s performance in the mirrorless category where Canon took the number 2 position, hitting 21.3% versus Sony’s 20.2%. Olympus beat both to take top slot in mirrorless at 27.7%, though, a small increase over its previous 26.8% marketshare.

According to BCN, Canon also topped the “digital camera with integrated lens” category, holding 27.9% of marketshare over Nikon’s 25.5% and Casio’s 17.2%. The BCN rankings also look at action cameras, which saw GoPro take top slot with 67.2% marketshare (not that this has helped the company’s outlook lately…), as well as digital video cameras, which has Panasonic on top with a 42% marketshare.

When looking at previous figures, the rankings show Nikon growing in DSLR sales while Canon and Ricoh both saw decreases. Olympus, Canon, and Sony all experienced growth in the mirrorless category, while Canon and Nikon both experienced growth in the integrated lens digital camera market.

Notably, Canon continues to show strong growth in Japan’s mirrorless market despite Sony’s recovery from the disruption caused by the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake.

That earthquake had impacted Sony’s nearby image sensors facility, which supplied sensors for both Nikon and Olympus, among others. In its early 2017 fiscal quarterly results, Olympus had noted that the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake had a negative impact on its Imaging Business sales. Likewise, Nikon had revealed its own Imaging Products Business impact during the same time, resulting in downwardly revised forecasts.

However, despite Sony’s facility restoring operations in the many months since → continue…

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The 10 Best Animated Movies of 2017

By Vitor Guima

2017 was a good year for film. Whether it be drama, comedy or action, this was definitely a year that had great films released from many different genres.

On this list, we’re going to approach animated movies from that year that definitely should be watched, not only by fans or enthusiasts of animation, but by any fan of film.

This article has movies from Japan, the United Kingdom, China, the United States, Canada and more. Movies that show how interesting contemporary animation is and that works as an invitation to watch these films.

From a film that explores the last days of one of the greatest painters in history to an animation that has Batman fighting the Eye of Sauron, and from a silent film that is a great lesson of visual storytelling to another great movie directed by Makoto Shinkai, here are some animated films that should definitely be watched.

If you think any other animated film from 2017 should be on this list, please leave it as a recommendation in the comments section below.

So, here are the 10 best animated films from 2017.

10. Window Horses: The Poetic Persian Epiphany of Rosie Ming (dir. Ann Marie Fleming)

This Canadian animation, written and directed by Ann Marie Fleming follows the story of Rosie Ming, voiced by Sandra Oh (“Sideways,” “Grey’s Anatomy”), a young poet from Canada who grew up with her parents from China, who is invited to Iran to perform at a festival.

Based on the graphic novel written by the director, this film has a very unique visual style and is a true celebration of art itself, uniting music, poetry and great imagery.

“Window Horses: The Poetic Persian Epiphany of Rosie Ming” is a great animated movie from 2017 that should definitely be checked out.

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The 10 Best Anti-War Movies of All Time

By Reggina Zervou

This is a list of anti-war masterpieces. Careful! This is NOT a list about movies on war. You won’t find films with astonishing battle shootings or stories of glory. Some of them are rather disturbing movies. But there are comedies too! Each of the settings are different: World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War. But it is not the action nor the setting that matters.

All of the following films are a deep plunge into the real nature of war: despair, destruction and death. Lack of hope and perspective. Hate. All of those films, in their way, denounce war; they consider it as a degeneration of human nature. Their directors haven’t just made another film; they used their art to show the absurdity of wars, and of military hierarchies, in a vain hope that someday we will live in peace. Through poetry or humor, great performances and master cinematography, they gifted us – me with the following masterpieces!

10. Hiroshima mon amour (Alain Resnais, 1959)
War wounds, you carry them all of your life

Hiroshima, Mon Amour Resnais

It was called ‘the birth of French new cinema,’ a passionate love story between a married Japanese architect and a French actor in postwar Japan. A French actress, Elle, travels to Japan for the shooting of an anti-war film. There she meets a Japanese man, Lui, and they stay together for 36 hours, during which they recall their experiences from the war, which has deeply marked them both.

Alain Resnais, who first intended to do a documentary on the atomic bomb, films a continuous conversation between Him and Her, abolishing any form of linear narration, as he plays with time, space, memories or emotions. He looks → continue…

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Our Stories are True: Porto/Post/Doc 2017

By Jesse Cumming

“The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.” opens William Gibson’s Neuromancer, set in Chiba, Japan (while generally accepted as a reference to the novelist’s home in Vancouver). A similar pall intermittently lingered over the northern Portuguese city of Porto during the city’s Porto/Post/Doc festival. The pallid grey and smoke were reminders of the devastating fires that have engulfed northern regions of the country since the summer, claiming many lives. The cinematic image of smokey cobblestone streets — with a knowledge of the real, if unseen forces behind them — provided a somber and […] → continue…

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Patent: More Ultra Wide Zoom Lens Patents

By Canon Rumors Canon is clearly working on new ultra wide zoom lenses to add to the lineup, we have yesterdays patent showing a EF 17-35mm f/4-5.6 IS STM and today we see a patent application that covers 6 different ultra wide angle zoom optical formulas. Optical Formulas in Japan patent application: 2017-207649 14-35mm f/2.8 9-22mm f/2.8 10-35mm f/2.8-3.5 … → continue…

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