Integrated Elinchrom Skyport

Rotolight NEO 2 Announced

By Ollie Kenchington

Rotolight NEO 2

British LED lighting manufacturer Rotolight has just announced the Rotolight NEO 2, an update to their popular battery-powered NEO 1 LED light.

Rotolight says the Rotolight NEO 2 is:

an industry-first, all in one High Speed Sync (HSS) Flash and continuous on-camera LED

Going after both the film and photography markets is not a new strategy for Rotolight, after introducing similar features in their AEOS fixture earlier this year. Clearly that move has been a success for the company and they are bringing those same features to their smallest and most popular fixture, NEO.

Rotolight NEO 2 will come with built-in Elinchrom ‘Skyport’ 2.4Ghz HSS wireless flash receiver

Rotolight NEO 2 – Tech Specs

  • 85% brighter in constant light mode than NEO 1
  • Updated suite of CineSFX™ effects, including fire, lightning, TV, gunshot, paparazzi and more
  • High Speed Sync (HSS) Flash (1/8000th sec.)
  • Zero recycle time
  • 500% flash output
  • Integrated Elinchrom ‘Skyport’ 2.4Ghz HSS wireless flash receiver
  • Wirelessly control up to 10 lights, in four groups, at up to 200m (656ft) away*
  • Simultaneously constant (modelling) light and HSS flash
  • Electronically adjustable colour temperature in both flash and constant light modes
  • 85,000 full power flashes on a single set of rechargeable AA batteries (compared to 200 flashes on a typical speedlight)

*Requires a new, Rotolight optimised, HSS transmitter by Elinchrom. This new transmitter will be compatible with all other Elinchrom ‘Skyport’ devices and will be available upon launch for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Panasonic, with support for Fuji camera systems coming “shortly”.


These days it is incredibly common to see both filmmakers and photographers using the same cameras (I own a Sony a7Rii and spend almost as much time shooting stills with it as I do video) so I think it makes perfect sense to see LED lights following suit. Even if filmmakers don’t use the flash capabilities of the → continue…

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