Ingmar Bergman

The 10 Best Scandinavian Movies of All Time

By Mirella Vasileva

Scandinavian films have always excited sensitive cinema lovers with their spiritual quests and deep dramatic plots. Denmark, Sweden and Norway established their cinematic studios soon after the birth year of film – 1895 – and became complete participants in its development in the beginning of the 20th century. During the World Wars period, their role in European film production become even more significant, and they affirm themselves as some of the most productive countries in the field.

Later Scandinavian countries gave the world cinema masters like Carl Dreyer and Ingmar Bergman, who don’t fear bringing up the big questions of life and look for the truth of humanity in their dark gloomy dramas. Their films are distinguishable by the clear stage settings; the raw characters on the verge of existential crisis; and the themes, which are concentrated on eternal human dilemmas, the need of God for making sense of the world around us, and the relationships between people, affected from the tragedies of life, alienation and loneliness.

Here we collected some of the greatest Scandinavian films of all time in chronological order.

1. Ordet (1955, Carl Theodor Dreyer)

Ordet (1955)

“Ordet” tells the story of a Christian family who suffer for their “lost” son Johannes, who have become delusional in his search of God. He believes he is Jesus Christ and walks around speaking of miracles and faith.

The film is about miracles and faith. The other men in the family – the eldest son Mikkel and the father – think the time of miracles is long gone. The doctor in the film believes only in the miracles of science and even the pastor doubts their existence. Still, there is a miracle right in front of their eyes – the radiant Inger, who carries Mikkel’s child.

The youngest son of the → continue…

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10 Great Movies That Explore The Dynamics of Relationships

By German Torres Ascencio

Being a phenomenon that takes place in time, a relationship is subject to its havoc. There is no thing that can last longer than time; it ends with everything. Thus, the highly valued initial feeling of a relationship is rarely still there when the relationship is over. Most of the time, the pain of loving another one overcomes the pleasure of it and what once was pure and bright ends up being a corrupted shadow of what it once was. And when this purity is preserved, it is a great achievement.

Many films deal with the dynamics of relationships, on the corruption, the emergence or the conservation of them. Desire, hidden intentions and old pains constantly inspire filmmakers to expand the limits of the language to express them in new ways. Here is a list of 10 movies that explore the dynamics of relationships, most of them profoundly pessimistic, and maybe some that are just a little optimistic about the faith of love.

1. Scenes from a Marriage (1973) – Ingmar Bergman


This is the movie about marriage, made by one of the most talented crew in film history – the crew of Ingmar Bergman. The movie displays a couple played by Liv Ullmann in the role of Marianne, and Erland Josephson in the role of Johan. Unparalleled cinematographer and longtime Bergman’s collaborator Sven Nykvist worked not only as an artist but also a co-producer of the film (Bergman convinced him and Josephson to accept a part of the production in exchange of their work).

The relationship of Marianne and Johan is treated with Bergman’s hardest pessimism of his late career. In the span of 10 years, their “healthy” relationship becomes the genesis of hate and resentment. The at first true → continue…

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