aip Awards

By (Tony Costa)

aip Awards

The Portuguese Society of Cinematographers aip driven by the IMAGO INTERNATIONAL awards has held for the first time in its history a similar event. The main reason of course is the celebration of cinematography. These awards were a long-time dream since last presidency by Luís Branquinho but for distinct reasons it was not possible to implement. But finally, the aip awards took place with the support of many sponsors.

Casa do Alentejo the gorgeous place where the awards took place

The event took place in the beautiful room of Casa do Alentejo situated right in the centre of Lisbon. The evening started with a Porto wine reception followed by a dinner and ended with the ceremony hosted by the aip president Tony Costa who was very proud to hand over 11 prizes. One of the award surprises was addressed to general secretary Louis Philippe Capelle SBC who got a commemorative plaque with the special thanks from the Portuguese cinematographers his long tome dedication to IMAGO. The other surprise was given to Inês Carvalho aip by receiving the aip award given by the president on board. Tony Costa explained that aip couldn’t thank so much Inês for her dedication to the society but as well for being the first woman to shoot a long feature film. Inês Carvalho was years ago a member of the IMAGO Master Class Committee.

The prize named after Fernando Costa (CINEMATE founder) who has died one year ago marked a high moment of the night. The receiver of the prize which will be attributed every year to a singular person who contributed to the Portuguese industry and not necessary a professional of the camera department, was given to first assistant director João Pedro Ruivo who is in the job for 40 → continue…

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