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10 Great 1990s Action Movies You May Have Missed

By Mike Gray

The action genre, which had become a blockbuster enterprise in the 1980s, took the 90s by storm. Hollywood, realizing that the genre could make them potential billions, began to produce hundreds of action films while also experimenting with the genre’s conventions.

With a rising influence from Japan and Hong Kong productions, who reinvented the action film with even more intense sequences and harder-edged stories, Hollywood-produced action films began to compete with each other of who could make not just action-packed films but those that displayed a little more finesse and artistry than the genre was known for.

The result was a decade that made some of the highest-grossing action films of all time: True Lies, Face/Off, and Con Air raked in hundreds of millions of dollars and it seemed the action movie was here to stay. But in such a crowded field, many action films–both popular and less successful at the time–have faded from memory in the ensuing decades. Here are 10 underseen action films from the 1990s that fans of films from the decade or genre should revisit.

1. Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991)

Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991)

Cop Chris Kenner (Dolph Lundgren), an American raised in Japan, is given a new partner, Johnny Murata (Brandon Lee), a half-Japanese American. Mismatched from the start (Kenner doesn’t like American culture while Murata doesn’t like Japanese culture), they do have one thing in common: martial arts. Assigned to Los Angeles’s Little Tokyo district, they attempt to take down the Yakuza drug operation there.

Mismatched buddy cop action movies were a staple of 90’s action movies, and Showdown in Little Tokyo follows the familiar formula to a T. One thing it has going for it, of course, is the talent of Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee’s son who died tragically on the → continue…

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Watch: This Breathtaking 30-Day Timelapse Shows a POV You’ve Never Seen

By Liz Nord

‘Chase the endless horizon’ of Asia with 80,000 photos from the bow of a mega ship.

YouTuber JeffHK has a unique niche: he’s a young mariner who lives his life at sea aboard mega container ships, and he wants to bring us along for the ride. His videos cover everything from how to join the maritime industry to how to anchor a megaship, and occasionally—and fortunately for those of us unlikely to go seabound ourselves—he creates a stunning timelapse that only someone in his position could make.

In the case of the video below, he takes us through Asian ports from Colombo to Hong Kong, during dramatic weather and stunning sunscapes, culled from about 80,000 photos and 1500GB of project files. In a particularly beautiful sequence (around 6:33), a long exposure capture of a nearly full moon causes the frame to appear like “daytime with stars in the background.”

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Announced: SLR Magic CINE 18mm F2.8 E-mount lens

By SonyAlpha Admin

SLR Magic announced the new CINE 18mm F2.8 E-mount lens. This is the Press text: Hong Kong, China (September 8, 2017) – SLR Magic extends it’s full frame lens lineup with the SLR Magic CINE 18mm F2.8 wide angle lens. The field of view of the SLR Magic CINE 18mm F2.8 opens up many new creative and compositional opportunities, particularly in the areas of interior, architectural […]

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